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  1. ok my female Corso is 22 months. Of course upon getting her she received all her shots. Prior to getting her I researched the benefits of two things
    1. Raw diet
    2. Minimal vaccination shots

    Both are to support proper health bone growth strengthen the immune system and just overall good health for a longer period of time. In our township we have to the dog get rabies shot in order to have a license. Well today I took her to the vet for annual checkup today. They asked how she is doing of course great. They asked what I feed her told them raw. (The last time I said this they attempted to discourage me) I express my concerned that her period was 9 months ago and I thought it should be every 6 months. They examined her and then said she needed heart worm medication plus a test to see if she have heart worm. Plus another vaccination not one time did they reassure me about her period. All they wanted to do was push vaccination (not needed and heart worm medication which they stated should be given all year) I know this is false cause only need to give during warm season once temp drop below 45 and stay that way no mosquitoes are present. So sad it appears only in it for the money. I will try to find an hololistic vet.
  2. Steven C

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    I agree 100%, I have separate vets one that ive been going to 15 years that does all the surgeries and I trust him, he advises me not to do certain vaccinations thankfully. I only do rabies for all unless im traveling intl then they require a a lit of fresh vaccines to get the certificate for travel. Leerburg will advise against them also, very bad for the dogs.

    Once my vet was out of town and this lady replaced him for the week and I went in and she was upselling the crap out of me. Its a business like any other. How about the guy last week in the hospital being told he was dying with a robot walking in by a Nigerian on an I pad.
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    I'd definitely find a vet that listens to YOUR concerns! Holistic or not... they should pay attention to the customer... but it seems the holistic ones are much better listeners, too.
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  4. I was surprised they did not ask about spaying her. Which I don’t plan until she is close to 3 yo. If I wasn’t planning to get another mastiff (male) I probably wouldn’t do it. Cause studies show large breed dogs do better when stay intact as long as possible. It appears veterinarian make money off of unnecessary blood test, unnecessary vaccination and inappropriate timely surgery (neutering and spaying)
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    Just some information for you. I can provide links if you'd like. I do minimal vaccinations after they get their puppy shots. Generally just a three year rabies unless I feel something else is indicated. For puppies I follow the Jean Dodds vaccination protocol. You could ask for a titer test instead of vaccinating.

    Heartworm testing and preventive is something totally different. Most people don't know that the pill doesn't prevent heartworms. Preventives, contrary to the name, don't prevent initial infection and they do not kill adult heartworms. Prevention kills only early stage larvae and microfilariae. The blood test was not given just to make money. Your vet must test for heartworms annually before giving a prescription for the preventive. Giving the preventive to a dog with adult heartworms can kill them. Even if you give year round preventive, the dog must still be tested. Humans make mistakes, dogs puke up meds. It's not common, but it can happen.

    The reason you give year round when it seems logical to give only during the warmer months is that temps do fluctuate. In addition, if your dog was infected in warmer fall weather, if the preventive is stopped for the winter the larvae have a chance to develop into adult worms over the cold months and you'd never know. If you then start preventive again and there are adult worms ... well, that's very dangerous.

    I also wouldn't trust any holistic, herbal, or homeopathic heartworm preventive. Anecdotal information just isn't quite enough for me when it comes to my dogs. Of course that's my opinion only.

    And one last thing. I saw Leerburg mentioned. Leerburg may know a lot about certain things, but he's not a vet and he doesn't have any medical knowledge. He's a trainer. I'd take any information and then go do my own research. Which is what you should do with the info I've given you.
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  6. Boxer girl thank you and yes please send me the link. I appreciate getting as much knowledge as possible.
  7. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Here's the link to Jean Dodds vaccination protocol 2018.

    And one on heart worm preventive.

    I know many sources say that it takes 7 months for larvae to develop into adult worms. But I've been told by a veterinary professional that I trust that they've had dogs that were tested less than 7 months ago test positive. I just don't think it's something to mess with.
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  8. Ok thank you. The key word is trust. It is hard to trust. The way you described the importance of heart worm testing and treatment was great. The doctor did not explain or teach to me. When I mention a raw diet they were very reluctant and basically try to discourage me. After that encounter I guess I just shut my ears off. I appreciate forums such as this. Again thank you
  9. Steven C

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    I would trust a real trainer/importer that has worked and imported thousands of dogs over a vet any day. We are not talking about the joe blow trainer with a website, we are talking about a trainer that has literally watched germam shepherds die from certain vaccinations. Vets have bills to pay, half of their classes are business type classes.

    Its like saying the schooling has made them experts in large breed dogs. I've met the most clueless doctors, vets, dentists. Leerburg among other working dog importers have seen it all and as far as im concerned a street smart guy blows away a book smart guy any day of the week. The same goes for medical doctors, I mean how many incompetent medical doctors are working hospitals? scary facts.

    I brought my Bordeaux into the vets office the first week and he was treated with cortisone for allergies, the next month I brought him back and another vet same office prescribed antibiotics for infection. Needless to say I got a refund from the second idiot the next time I went back. I wonder what the statistics on fatal errors are at vet offices as well. They are far from gods and who could trust an office pushing drugs that harm. Its all about the dollar, the killings from ASPCA, the vets selling garbage and so on all money oriented things that have become normal in the minds of the civilians.

    Also I would give my own shots to my dogs if the state acknowledged them, but they do not.
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  10. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Opinions acknowledged Steven. Everyone has to make their own choices.

    Did you check out the Jean Dodds protocol? I'd be interested in your opinion. What about heartworm preventive? Do you agree or disagree with that?
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  11. Steven C

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    I read it and it might be good, I don't know. I am no expert in vaccines and would never advise anyone. I am not anti vaccine for humans as many people are today either. After speaking to my vet and hearing experts like Leerburg among other importers of military working dogs, I chose to only do rabies and kennel cough if boarding. Parvo is probably important also as puppies?

    I used to do heartworm and back in 08 when Lehman bros closed and money was tight for a year or two, I opted out. No problems and never went back. My vet doesn't yell at me. I've realized many of the things that I used to run to the vet for are just simple things that become over reacted. One thing they stay on is topical flea medicine, advantage 2. We cannot stand fleas so they are always on that.

    My girl used to have these red pimple like blotches on her stomach and private area. After trying a bunch of different things including antibiotics, creams, coconut oils, vinegar nothing worked. I changed dog foods 4 times and finally went to Victor Beef which happens to be their cheapest food, fixed everything, coat is wonderful. Turns out to be a chicken allergy and I spent hundreds on tests in the vet, total waste.

    @Kenneth Smith Jr She looks awesome in the avatar pic.
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  12. Steven,
    Thank you. I learned early with Gabby she is allergic to chicken. I noticed after eating a day or two she would scratch her coat a lot and she had an odor. Even after a bath. So I stop feeding her chicken and added coconut to her diet and after a bath actually rub the coconut on her coat. The order resolved and her coat is shiny and soft.
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  13. Steven C

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    Go back to the last post on Borboel if you missed it and read what I wrote about imprinting as I think it will help you. It is not correct to assume what the breeder imprints for is what the dog will be, imprinting is something else. Check it out it was a very important lesson for me and working these dogs has been a life changer. I'm sure Gabby enjoys working with you as it does Nessa's days every day.
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  14. Ok will do thank you so much. This forum has taught me so much.
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    i'd think diagnosing animals can be extremely difficult , listening to the owner is where my vets seem to start , oftentimes the answer is right there in what the owner tells you ...…. a vet that doesn't listen to the owner i'd have to think is not very good at what they do …….. my current dogs are 4 or 5 yrs , they received a distemper and parvo shot at 12-13 weeks , a rabies shot at a year , year and a half , I don't plan on giving them any others ever ……they are exposed to a lot of wildlife and strange dogs ....... I've done this with 7 generation of dogs , I've never had a dog with an allergy , or skin condition beyond pyoderma on their muzzle , and that dog was not my pup , was given the standard puppy shots every 2 weeks ……I would never suggest folks vaccinat like me , i'd definitely follow that dodd's or Schultz's recommendations .... I think I never had a problem with minimally vaccinating my dogs because the dogs I grew up with were often never vaccinated ......... I do believe titer testing can be questionable on the level of a dogs immunity .... I also know folks who titer their dogs , and have dog titer positive for stuff they were never vaccinated for ............ I vaccinated pups that were leaving here at 8 weeks , and it is possible that they shed the virus and my other dogs are boostered by that ..........
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  16. Steven C

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    Problem with that is if your dog bit someone, or maybe not and someone said it bit them or might have bit them but maybe it was a scratch or bla bla. Remember we live in a rat society now, people cry and rat about everything. If any of the above happens and you cannot prove a rabies shot, by by dogue. At a minimum a quarantine of several months and maximum death.

    A risk I am unwilling to take even though I agree with every word.
  17. marke

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    at least in ohio , your dog bites someone , they're getting quarantined , 10 days I believe ? rabies shot or not …dogs do not always get an immunity from a vaccination , I've known many rotts and pits that were vaccinated properly for parvo and still contracted it …..… you do realize folks such as myself , of which there are many , vaccinate their own dogs ? ohio is a one bite state , then your dog is deemed a dangerous animal, which carries a lot of restrictive requirement , one of which you'll need to inform your homeowners insurance you need an additional , I believe , $100,000 in coverage for the dangerous dog that your keeping ……… so you'll most likely be shopping for new homeowners insurance …….. laws like this are the result of folks keeping dogs they are not qualified to keep , or making them ……...
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