What dog food do you feed your Mastiff

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by rdeborah, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. rdeborah

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    I have fed Lola Fromm Large Breed dry since I got her. She will be 2 Aug 30. I add hamburger/rice; turkey/rice to her meals. Approximately, 1 cup. However, Fromm is on the list causing heart problems. I don't know whether to change brands and if so, what to change to. I am looking at Bil Jak. I would like comments. Thanks.
  2. Nik

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    The study about grain free foods causing heart issues is not an actual peer reviewed study. It is an opinion piece. I posted an updated link to a rebuttal I saw and read today that gives some more perspective into that original article. My dogs have lots of allergies and we feed grain free and poultry free food only. If your dog is doing well on Fromm I would stick to that personally. My dogs do well on Taste of the Wild - either the salmon one which has no poultry or there is another one (can't remember which flavor) that also has no poultry that they do well on. I usually mix it with another grain free/poultry free food (don't recall the brand) because too much of just one tends to be too rich for them. They have very sensitive stomachs.
  3. DennasMom

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    I'd ignore the "bad food" list, completely.
    Plus, it's mainly "grain-free" versions that they're targeting. But, dogs do not "need" grains, period. They need grains in kibble for the bulk, to hold everything together... not for it's nutritional value.

    I would look at the ingredients list of what you're feeding, and if there are lots of plant based proteins (peas, legumes) versus meat... I'd probably back off on how much of that kibble I'd feed... and do as you're doing already - add some fresh, home-cooked foods. Or... you could just feed the beef and turkey raw and skip the rice.

    The Fromm Large Breed Adult "Gold" doesn't have any legumes... so, that looks like a good food to me!

    Another option is to keep rotating foods... so any issues from too much of X or too little of Y in any one food won't lead to long-term problems. Variety can be a good thing... and if your pup's system gets used to variety, so you don't need special, slow transitions, all the better!

    I feed a completely raw diet; 90% is home-prepared raw. It takes a bit to get a system up and going, but once you figure it out, it's really easy and rewarding to feed fresh home-prepared foods. I don't think it's much more expensive that a good quality kibble, either.
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    Yeah, saw the list, but also saw Acana still holding highest rating, so sticking with it. Our girl only eats a cup a day, she gets homemade meat (cooked!) Roasts, Steaks, Roast Chicken and Sockeye Salmon. She gets biscuits, so, she gets grains, too...unavoidable. So, I agree with Denna's Mom, if Lola is doing well on it, don't sweat it...just maybe mix it up a bit with other foods. Our slow cooker gets a work out, and I have to shop the deals, but Happy Dog Happy Life.

    Oh, and, yes, I LOVE HER NAME! I bet you get a lot of comments and questions
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    Thank you for your feedback. Lola does not like BilJac. She won't touch it, so I will stay with Fromm.
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  7. rdeborah

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    Her name fits her. She loves kids and kids love her.
    I'm going to follow your suggestion and give her more cooked meats and veggies. Thanks to all who responded.

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