What exercise regimen is best?

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by L Meaux, Apr 23, 2019.

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    My CC girl is approaching the three year mark. She is still high energy which is fine. One thing we do to help her burn energy is dog scootering. She gets harnessed and tethered to my special dog scooter and she pulls me on it. Toffee is a natural at it and loves it! My question is, how often should I let her do this type of exercise? I’m sure dogs get sore just like humans do and I don’t want to do any damage to my girl. Thanks!
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    I've always wanted to try those dog-powered scooters! Love that you've got your girl powering you along!

    My only suggestion would be to work up to longer distances, and be consistent. I'd avoid the "weekend warrior" schedule of hard exercise, as that could lead to over-use issues on the days you do get out. And, I'd also be wary of too much hard pounding on pavement... she's old enough now that her joints should be good for long distances, but as any runner will tell you, pavement is HARD. If you could do off-road runs, even on hard packed dirt, that would be a lot better on joints than sidewalks and streets, but maybe harder to pull - which is probably less of a problem, long-term.

    If you get a chance, take some photos and videos, I'd love to see you in action!
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    We are doing very short distances right now. I let her go at her own pace for her own distance. In Other words she goes as hard as she wants and only as far as she wants. I help her out when she’s tired and we’re heading back by pedaling. My scooter is an off road model so we should be able to do that some too. She doesn’t run for long and tends to trot mostly. I don’t ever let her get so tired she dragging along.

    We went out Sunday and Monday and I have her today off. We will go back out on tomorrow. She really loves pulling the scooter! She took to it immediately the first time I harnessed her up.

    I’ll try to get my hubby to take some video or pictures soon!
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