Woman on NYC Train Continued to Push Dog

Discussion in 'Dogs in the News' started by Steven C, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    I love it, this witch needs to be charged asap.
  2. Jarena

    Jarena Well-Known Member

    You realize you are talking to several women here right? Women that support other women. Women that don’t appreciate you saying that we “charge men all the time with fake rape cases”. Maybe I can only speak for myself..... I’m a woman and I don’t appreciate you bashing women. Strong women who stood up for themselves.
  3. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Yes I read the articles and if they are meant to disqualify the guy from a fair hearing, yes. The articles mean nothing to me as per this current case.
  4. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Yes I know who I am speaking to and those are my feeling regarding fake rape cases, fake charges across college campuses and alike. I am as Boxergirl stated once before "hyper aware" of whats going on.

    If you haven't wrongly charged someone in anything than this is not directed at you or anyone else. Its very simple, its not women bashing. I love women, I have a daughter and am happily married for 8 years.
  5. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    So charge this lady but free Bill Cosby....hmmm
    Thats an interesting view point.
    Right they only matter to demonize the lady.
    But ....
    That quote was towards the outbursts about Bill Cosby....and this being a "false flag" attack.
    Was asking if that was sarcasm....
  6. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    To each his own. It makes us all human, you have ur opinions and I have mine. I as far as I know am still entitled to my opinions in this country. If I angered the feminists running around NYC topless so be it. I know plenty of women who agree with me.
  7. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    What the heck does feminism and the Bill Cosby rape case have to do with this dog attack????

    Dang looks like he was serious. Lol.
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  8. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    You have no idea how misogynistic so many of your remarks have been in this thread, do you? Or maybe you do.
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  9. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    It was the secondary articles that involved the guy with his girlfriend or someone who was charging him for stalking. I stated it was unrelated and my reasons why it didn't have any effect on his character in this case.
  10. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Did those remarks offend you?
  11. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    You don't want to judge his character based off him
    - Putting the dog on the seat multiple times
    -not caring or respecting the ladies initial request to move the dog
    -him actively not trying hard to release the dog
    - him throwing a shoe at her face when it was over
    That honestly doesn't matter to you?
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  12. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Absolutely! The world has lost its finesse. People have lost their sense of proportion. Not everything is a draw down and die situation. Keep the Peace.

    I spent 15 years of my life in the courts and in hearings, and I saw STUPID situations escalated from who-jostled-who to cops called, and to guns drawn. Just say, "Sorry," and move on with your life. That's the idea, we all live together and share the space, and a free society means making your use of the space relevant to someone else's needs or preferences. The "You're Not Entitled to Everything Theory of Life." And, Mr. Rogers said it best..."...won't you be my neighbour."

    Court bail procedures often included the phrase: "Keep the Peace and be of good behaviour." You have to acknowledge the other person in any scenario as a "human being" with rights and privileges before you can be of "good behaviour" or "keep the peace."

    Imagine putting your dog is danger....? Stupid.
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  13. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I found them very disappointing.
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  14. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Well I'm glad I did not offend you. I certainly did not mean to offend you. I do not mind offending those who believe in false accusations to push an agenda which has been proven numerous times. Rolling stone magazine proved the campus accusations were all false. I believe that Cosby went against the grain early on from documentation I have read and he is paying the price as such. Aren't false accusations the way of the west now? Destroying a certain group of men is the name of the game, matriarchy. I am looking forward to how they will try to take down Kayne West soon. Perhaps mental.

    I know none of the women around me are offended. That is most important for me. I will try to make them less disappointing in the future.

    Anyway, that being said we all have different opinions on the case and I look forward to seeing the outcome whether wrong or right.
  15. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member


    I found some of the expressed attitudes disturbing and would direct members who wish to have a heated debate about social issues to adjourn and meet up again in the "Controverial and Heated Debate Forum." All is fair there (other than personal threats...attacks about a person's religion or sex or sex preference.) You can let your hair down and hold forth about your more radical views. Here, in this area of the Forum, it becomes unnecessarily uncomfortable for members who prefer more communal discussions. That's why people go to the Controversial and Heated Debate Forum, it affords them the floor without offending the general population, and it keeps threads from being hijacked by subtext. Also, it allows the community to vote with their feet. Anyone who prefers to not join conversations there, doesn't have to visit there.


    We were discussing, I believe, a news article about two people and a poor dog who got caught in the middle of it.
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  16. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Yes @Bailey's Mom the thing is that Boxergirl submitted character evidence against the person and I made a few posts regarding why character evidence such as stalking an ex girlfriend was not pertaining to the case.

    But I understand many people are ultra sensitive today and cant take a few real postings. Just wanted to bring that up as how can you move something into heated when its already here at 6 pages?
  17. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Did you actually read those articles? I ask because you have the facts wrong. There was no ex-girlfriend. Maybe you don't mean the ones I shared.

    Out of respect for Bailey's Mom's request, I will refrain from commenting on your last paragraph.
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  18. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Yes I read them, it claimed stalking and it also claimed that the person knew the guy and that the her son owed him money. If you read through the articles you can decipher what they really read. In any event, it doesn't matter if its a gay lover, a girlfriend or some cokehead he is sleeping with. Its a stalking article non related to the article we are talking about.

    It was submitted in order to decredit the guy with the service dog that was attacked by the woman on the train. So therefore I responded with my reasoning why that wouldn't discredit the guy as a large majority of those cases are falsely submitted by ex girlfriends, or whatever you want to call the person who filed the charges for stalking.

    Who do you think filed the charges for stalking? A good answer will get you a likey from Justin. lol

    I didn't realize that so many were so sensitive on here. In any event, I'm not fond of censorship in any way while we still have speech for a little while anyway. So go ahead ladies enjoy yourselves with the case.
  19. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    Oh the hypocrisy of those 2 statements. Lol

    I don't think they are being overtly sensitive.

    I think people were asking if you read the articles because you keep saying "i didnt see that" when some of the main points where literally in every article even the one you posted. Also, you kept saying things that were just guesses and passing them off as facts like "she savagely attacked the dog" "she punched the dog" "she might of been menstruating " "the dog was just laying there."
    See in your mind its ok to assume, speculate and jump to some off base conclusions when it serves your opinion or narrative. But you keep dismissing anything said about the guy who is the pet owner.
    At first I chalked it up as you just being a passionate dog lover. But just based off your posts you clearly explained the difference with how you look at the man and the woman in this situation.

    So thats why I gave Boxergirl a "likey". I was thinking the same thing. Is he fully reading the articles and understanding them.

    I also liked that they stood up against some crazy strange comments.

    I'm still shocked with how fast this devolved and by some of those comments. But I really hope they get left up for all to see.

    However, I can see where you are coming from better. Your opinion now makes sense. I can see exactly why you have it.

    But this kind of goes hand and hand with what @Jarena was saying.
    Just a basic level of respect and consideration towards people should be shown. Those comments were meant to make you feel good and you weren't really concerned with who they triggered. Very similar on much smaller scale to the mentality of the situation.
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  20. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I think it does apply to the incident on the subway. It's not up to you or me to decide if the stalking case is legitimate, but it's important that the authorities look into it. If this man was doing as the woman stated, he was acting in an unstable manner. The might have an awful lot to do with his behavior on the subway. And if he is unstable then it may make a difference in the outcome of the case.

    Just for the record, I would love to address many of your other comments. I would be very willing to join in a discussion about some of the statements that many of us have taken umbrage to, if you want to start a thread in the controversial section. I would embrace the opportunity to read factual statistics on all the fake rape cases and other assertations you have made. I'm not being flippant or sarcastic. We clearly have strong opinions and I am always willing to listen to other people's opinions.
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