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  1. I am going somewhat crazy here trying to deal with this Cherry Eye situation. I have done about a month's worth of research, read more articles online than I can count, talked to seven different local Vets, and still feel like I am getting NOWHERE. I am so frustrated by all this, I had no earthly idea it was going to be anywhere near this complicated of an issue to deal with. Every single vet I talked to, said they haven't actually done a cherry eye surgery on a Neo, but that "a dog is a dog", and they've done many successful cherry eye surgeries on other different breeds with near perfect success rate. From all the reading I have done, it is most recommended to do the excision surgery, yet not a single local vet would agree to it, saying it's 1970's technology and the new pocket procedure, or even a "tacking" is what they do. Well from all of the reading I've done, neither of those two procedures are successful in the long term when it comes to the Neo breed and its loose skin. Also, every single vets office says they want to see the dog, run a bunch of tests, yada yada yada but NONE will guarantee their work that the cherry eye will not re-occur.

    I finally selected a vet based on the recommendation of a neighbor, and took the dog to them, which I ended up regretting heavily. The DR said my dog's cherry eye was red and angry looking, and that he couldn't do the surgery until the swelling and redness went back down. He gave me a tube of some antibiotic & steroid ointment, instructed me to put it in the dog's eye every 8 hrs for a week and then bring the dog back in for the surgery. They also drew blood to test her functions and make sure everything was OK pre-surgery & anesthesia.

    Well, as it turns out, putting ointment anywhere near my dog's eye is an exercise in futility! It seemed and sounded so easy, but was anything but! She fought me like I couldn't believe and I had a zero percent success rate with the small but expensive tube of ointment. After 2 days and 7 tries, I finally called the vets office to tell them of my experiences and also to ask about the results of the blood tests. As luck would have it, nobody with any actual veterinary medical knowledge was available to answer the phone, save for the receptionist who apparently doesn't know dogs from earthworms and said either a DR or a vet tech would call me back to go over the blood test results. I informed her that I wouldn't be bringing my dog back in for the scheduled surgery since I wasn't having any luck at all applying the ointment. She put me on hold, & returned a few minutes later to say that she consulted the DR and he said to just bring the dog back in on the scheduled day anyway for the surgery. So I then asked why it was so important that I was told he couldn't do the surgery earlier, until after a weeks worth of medicating the eye, but now all of a sudden he could?????? Well then what in hell was the point in waiting an additional week and charging yet more money for the stupid tube of ointment????? So now they are contradicting themselves. The receptionist said yet again "I will have somebody call you to explain all of this".

    Well, you guessed it, NOBODY called me back! Not that day, or the next, or the next, etc etc. I even called another time to dscuss the blood test results, but was again told that somebody would call me back, which never happened. So today the vet's office called and left a message on my voicemail reminding me that my dog's surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8 AM, not to feed her after 10 PM, etc etc. Needless to say, I will NOT be arriving there tomorrow morning for any reason!

    At this point i have lost all faith in this vet clinic and am angry as hell that they put me and my dog through all this. Now the dog has become even more head-shy and i have pretty much lost my patience with both the dog and vet clinic. Looks like her cherry eye will be sticking around for a while longer.

    I would like to hear from any members who have been through something like this. Or anything like this. I am all for listening to recommendations from those who have "been there and done that".

    Thanks in advance.
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    Oh man it's hard to find a good vet. I don't have any info on the cherry eye but hope someone here on the boards can help you.

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  3. DDSK

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    No dog wants ointment in their eye, it is a fight to the finish every time.
    The excision surgery may affect your dog for life and may Ned eye drops and or ointment for your dogs life time.
    There are no guarantees for any surgery!
    My youngest CC Abby had to have cherry eye surgery they tacked it and explained that it was the least invasive.
    There were no guarantees but they had a very high sucess rate so we went with it and it all went fine, but be aware we did have to give eye drops and ointment to the eyes for a couple of weeks so you may have to hire a high school wrestling team to hold your dog down cause he ain't gonna like it!
  4. That's why I make sure and fuss about the heads of all my dogs quite regularly. I actually rub their noses like you would a horse and scratch between their eyes, they love it.

    Sucks you have to go through a bunch of shit just to get some helP for your poor pup. I wish you luck.
  5. tmricciuto

    tmricciuto New Member

    I wipe my girls faces every time they come inside the house. I also wipe their eyes with a cloth, but who knows how they would/wouldn't like drops. They are puppies and very willing to please most of the time that could all change with age.
  6. DDSK

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    They may be pups but I'll bet if you were trying to force something into their eyes you would find they are stronger than you ever thought possible lol
  7. DennasMom

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    Bummer about the vet!
    Keep looking... hopefully you can find a good one in your area. You might see if there's a holistic vet around... maybe they'd have some alternate ideas?

    As for ointment in the eye... I put on my 'nurse-face' - take NO complaints, and make sure I WIN... Lots of Patience and Repetitions building up to the actual medicine delivery, if needed. Get a second person to help if you can.

    Put the dog in a sit, and straddle them from the back. Get them comfortable just taking treats from you in this position (which is dominant over them, so it may take some time to get them comfortable with it if you haven't done it before). Now that the dog can't back away from you, you can use one hand to hold the dog's chin, and the other to wipe the ointment into the eye. Hold the dog still a bit longer before giving a release word and then BIG love and treats and maybe even a game of tug for being a "good patient".

    Denna knows what I mean when I tell her she must be a "good patient"... she may protest and run all over when she sees the meds bottle come out, but when I don't engage in HER game, she comes back and submits for her torture... I mean... treatments. :)
  8. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Try this method of restraining. Scroll halfway down with the dog up against a wall in between person's leg.

    Restraining a Dog
  9. Good link! Hector you often link to good info. My best link so far has been the poop chart. lol
  10. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    You will have a hard time finding a newer vet that will remove Cherry eye. Most of the time only old school vets will do it as the new generation are taught the tacking/pocket method. I haven't seen anyone get the pocket method done but have seen the tacking and it has popped back out.

    Sorry the clinic seemed to take you for a ride, that isn't cool!
  11. Victoria93

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    Our vet when we went in to get Thanos checked out because he had cherry eyes in both eyes, said that we should just get them removed because the risk of the tacking failing and the risk for surgery again was more than just getting them removed. He had them removed(which looked horrible after) and by the next day he was running around like his crazy self. It took about a week until the swelling was down and they look great.

    With the eye drops, i had to sit on him and pray i got some drops in his eyes. I wish you luck with finding a good vet and deciding what to do about the cherry eyes.
  12. Yeah that seems like about what it would take!

    Dude! hahaha My dog weighs right around 130 and is strong enough to power her way out of the corner and away from the situation, with or without you on her back trying vainly to hold on! I'm not saying that exercise wouldnt work with a few extra people, but with just me, its not possible to restrain her AND administer the ointment. I would need 2 sets of hands, minimum. Thanks all the same for the suggestion though.

    Yeah I have heard that the tacking procedure will work on other breeds, but not the Neo - due to its excessively loose skin and connective tissue.The vet said that her cherry eye isnt really hurting her or causing damage to the eye, so there is no real hurry to get it repaired right away. I think I am just going to try building a better behavorial foundation with her, involving LOTS of head touching and eye cleaning, rubbing with cloths, etc. And then gradually work up to the ability to treat her eye(s) without her fighting me on it. Maybe by then I will have found a more competant vets office.
  13. skylarneo

    skylarneo New Member

    I wish I had read this topic a couple of months ago...

    Back in December we stupidly took the advise of a vet to get our 6mth old neo Skylar's cherry eye tacked.

    We had to administer 7 days worth of eye cream, twice a day. That was fun. The missus would hold Skylar sill. Usually in a drop position with her straddling Skylar. The 11 year old would give treats for positive reinforcement and I had the honor of putting the cream in. Some days Skylar was good, other days we all had to walk away, calm down then try again.

    One of those days in particular Skylar struggled so hard she poped one of the stiches causing her 3rd eyelid to pop out. After a quick massage it poped back into place, however her repaired eye went from looking like she had nevere had cherry eye to what yo looked like befor surgury. We took her back to the vet that day to have here checked and after explaining it to the vet, just got a response of "usually it works" and "it doesnt seem to bother her so leave it as is". I walked out infuriated as if we were told this at our initial consultation, we would not have had the surgery done..

    On a side note, having a 36kg neo with a cone on is not fun... especially when the zoomies hit.

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  14. TyTy

    TyTy New Member

    What's the price of cherry eye removal? I got a rough quote of 1500, seems a little high just for 1 eye.
  15. lexinrose

    lexinrose Member

    I used to put the ointment on my pointer finger so the dog never saw the tube and I would walk over to the dog and say good boy quickly swipe from inner eye to outer eye in 1 move happens so fast Dog doesn't realize what I did. I follow with a treat and hold him lovingly for few seconds. The dog starts to blink and the gew starts going in by itself.

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  16. Yeah that is insane high pricing compared to what it cost out here in Arizona. I think it was going to be about 580 , give or take. It was a year ago that I was told the price, so not 100% sure I am remembering that correctly. I see that you are in New York state, so I imagine the costs are commensurately higher on the east coast. I still have done nothing with the dog's cherry eye, due to finding no vets with Neo experience anywhere within a 175 mile radius of here. The dog has learned to deal with it. It does cause people to always ask "what's wrong with her eye?"

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