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  1. Ainjelfairee
    Nala-Lai is my baby girl
  2. Tuffy
    Cane corso(SHADOW)
  3. Sucilla
    Looking for advice and training tips for my new cane Corso pup. He is 8 weeks. I enjoy the information shared here. Thank you all
    1. Boxergirl
      I just happened to glance over to the side and see this. Can you make a post in the general forum area? I don't know that anyone really notices the profile posts unless it's by accident, like I did.
      Jul 24, 2021
  4. AllMedsCare Pharmacy
    AllMedsCare Pharmacy
    Generic Fosamax is helping to treat osteoporosis in females which is produced by menopause.
  5. LinkDawg
    Thanks For Having Me Ladies And Gents. Feeling Good As Always
  6. Bayard and Audrey
    Bayard and Audrey
    Looking for a fawn male
  7. Cashel
    Bullmastiff Pup
  8. Cashel
    Bullmastiff puppy caregiver
  9. Greg Elder
    Greg Elder
    Just brought Marley home.....having difficulty socializing with our lab. Any recommendations?
  10. Kara
    Hi I am newbie and I joined because I have a 6 month old brindle Tosa Inu/Presa,cross named Jackson...sometimes his behavior just stumps me
    1. Michele
      please post on forum
      Jan 6, 2021
  11. Lamontswag
    Can a cane Corso still be purebred with a longer snout? I’ve had someone question if my 6 month old cane Corso is purebred because of this.
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  12. RexN87
    RexN87 dogman#1
    Hows it going? Merry Christmas...Im new to the forum I joined to specifically to see if someone could point me in the direction of a reputable fila breeders here in the U.S. im not looking to breed only looking for a companion/guard dog....
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    3. dogman#1
      Dec 26, 2020
    4. RexN87
      Hows it going? Sorry I went on vacation for a while..I appreciate the reply...Im located in California I wanted to check what time of the day would be good to give you a call? Thanks again
      Jan 18, 2021
    5. dogman#1
      Usually anytime after 9 am up to 11pm est is ok
      Jan 20, 2021
  13. Nadia&Andy Cuevas
    Nadia&Andy Cuevas
    Any advice on chewing for EM puppy. Toys, training Anything
  14. Sirius
    Hi. Your pic takes me back not so long ago when my pup was that short. Lovely pic!
  15. zoeynjoey
    Zoey and Joey n Me❤️
  16. Sirius
    Hi, im Sirius. I Cane Corso. I wanted to wear a superhero cape in this pic but my human was having none of it!
    Hello Everyone, We are new to the forum. Our puppy’s name is Khan.
  18. Maria Gracia
    Maria Gracia
    I am a pet lover.
  19. katiemine
    New Member
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  20. The house of Dolittle
    The house of Dolittle
    Need to remember to have my 13 year old help me fix Lago’s avatar picture so it’s not sideways ‍♀️