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  • Hi Bilbodad, We have a boy from Claymore Aston/Dico, is this the same litter as yours? Our Themba was called Bungle back then, what was yours called? Interested to exchange stats and facts with you. I will be weighing him on Monday.
    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum, just thought I'd say hello! We are a family living in Staffordshire England and I have been interested in Mastiff breeds for many years, but only recently joined the 'club'. We have two Ridgebacks, one Vizsla and a Boerboel puppy, called Bilbo. He is 5 months old today and weighs 70lbs (32kg). He was neither the biggest, nor the smallest in the litter, he is very active, affectionate, with no sign of aggression, but his boisterousness gets him into lots of trouble with our Ridgeback girls (mother and daughter, 13yrs & 10yrs). As there doesn't appear to be a growth chart for Boerboels on the forum, you may be interested in Bilbos:8 weeks 20lbs10 weeks 29lbs12 weeks 39lbs3 months 41lbs14 weeks 43lbs16 weeks 52lbs4 months 57lbs5 months 70lbs
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