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In my 40's, been married for 20 years, no kids.
My husband and I brought home our first dog 19 years ago. He was a pound puppy - turned out to be a BIG boy, and a great protector! 185lbs, Rottweiler/Shepherd/Pyrenees mix (best we can figure). He died of "cancer of the everything" when he was just 8.5 years old.
We found our second dog on PetFinder at local rescue group. He was a LOVE. A Great Dane/Lab mix, topped out at a lean 100lbs. Always ready to serve and do anything you asked. We lost him to a tumor in his spine which did not dampen his spirit, but did take all mobility from his hind end and put him in pain. He was just 9 years old when we had to send him over the Rainbow Bridge.
We tried our hand and multi-dog ownership for 3 years with a bulldog/boxer rescue. He was a 1 yo bully when we brought him home, and a 4 yo gentleman when we rehomed him to another couple. He needed to be an only dog... he's much happier with his new family and no competition.
Denna is our first pure breed dog, and we're loving learning about Mastiffs, and all her unique quirks as well. So far she is true to the calm, easy-going couch potato temperament we had read about - and she's still just a puppy!

Music, Tennis, Reading, and PUPPIES!
Kirkland, WA
Mechanical Engineer, self-employed


Tina, owned by Denna, a Brindle English Mastiff born in March, 2012