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  • Hi! Sorry I just saw this message, we actually got our girl back in september :( I don't have a pic of the dad, we took a chance and actually got her from a guy off craigslist. Long story short, his ex wife took off and left him with 8 puppies, so he was trying to charge a rehoming fee to get them to good homes. She is about 8-8.5 months right now and only at about 65 lbs, so I don't think she is going to be too big, I do know they grow and fill out for about 2-3 years though. I am glad she is growing nice and slow though :)
    Haha wow, what a small world!!! It's so funny cuz the breeder I got my Corso from I friended on Facebook... And months later I was looking at some of the pics on there and same thing, recognized books.. And come to find out they r witnesses too! I had no idea they were when I got my puppy! Anyway... Your dog is gorgeous :) what do u feed him?
    Hey! I think I recognized some books on your book shelf in one of the pics... Are you Jehovah's witnesses???
    Right iv worked out how to send u a message this paste thing as totally got me confused I need showing im gonna have to swallow my pride and ask my daughter to show me a 100 times oh no a in private message as just popped up what have I done,once iv done it a few times il be ok.half of me is scared il mess laptop up.never had much time to use them til now lol too many kids lol
    Iv tried to paste a conversation like you told me I still cant do it lol.Iv only just worked out how to send you a message lol
    I cant view them iv tried I really want to see pics of your babies
    Hey grazefull1,

    Just going through your pictures in your Gallery. You got a lovely pack. Koopa and Rustie are dolls! What was your GD's name again?
    Those were giod pics lookin good there.I wanna do the same.but savage needs better training jus with the baby at home i been busy. You kno any good decetly priced trainers? Closer towards me? Wish.i could let em get together but im.not sure how savage would act
    yea i do feel bad but i made it up with puppy cake lol (dog cup cake well as close as i could make it lol)
    Missed a birhday? Thas messed up right there lol. Ur workin to hard. I remember savages sept 27th lol tisk tisk. That group photo u got is cool. Lookin tuff. sorry.i.been gone.i.lost my p.w then got caught.up doin other things. Hows ur pup doin
    I already did! And commented on them. Now I want to make them for my pups. Omg did I really just say that??
    funny enough i got it criagelist for 45 but i can get the same harness/vest that i got on dog wispher caser millin website there it cost 60-80 for large to xlarge dogs n the real reason i got was that my dogs arent much of a pulling harness type but they can carry lol i have them go up n down stairs with the vest on them n the vest itself can hold up to 25-30lbs

    y do u ask trying to built some?
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