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  • Thank you he was he passed a few months ago getting another one the 26 can't wait
    Well theres some reasons y others dogs may try to hump lol him 1.he's unsure the group of dogs n that seen as a weaken r 2.he may b showing to much boldness n the others dog feels they need to current him r 3. Being that he is a domainating breed n he may give off that vibe the other dog maybe just challenging him for that roll r 4. They maybe also pushing him to play r join the group

    Also just us humans dont like everyone we c doesnt mean its not the same for dogs just have kept yout eyes on the type of dogs n behavoiors he like i would take notes lol
    Ya jus today he pplayed greatbwith a dog no problem. He was
    jumped on tackled chased an was fine with it lol. So idkwhy he gets pissed sometimes.
    Hes only growled4 times but i jus wish i couldbfigure out wats causin it
    Idk whenhe gets mad at a dog hes not being bullied.but uv seen him get bullied humped an he didnt growl at hes jus a wierdo hes always excited ro see dogs wags tails jis growled at some maybe 3 times so i jusget worried since hes the size he is.
    ok r these dog bold,domatent,a weak link(scared r unsure) n dont feel bad my 1st cc doesnt like so such challenge from pit(domante) sorry for the bad spell lol
    I donteven know! Imbtryin figureit out
    First thought it was lildogs then je growled at a pit
    Then the last time was at the boxer but hes played eith boxers an pits soi have
    NO CLUE lol so idkwhatbpisses him off
    Theres some parks by me if ur willing to drive toward allentown. Id feel bad thoughifu came and they didnt get along savage gets picky.
    Like last week he was gettin alongbwith a boxer mix by my house so i went to the dogpark
    and he startedgrowlin at a boxer n was tryin to keep him away lol.
    But that be fun if u wanted to try
    I just know about CC from the research I've done on them (never actually met one.) As far as bullies go, I'd say as a whole the breed is mostly just for looks. I'm sure there might be a few exceptions. But I've never heard of an American Bully with any working titles,etc.
    well my pup(lol big dog that likes to play with big dogs he,s kinda a bully lol) he love bully breeds pitbull,american bulldog,staffy,engish bulldogs and so on thats whats is around me mostly so he does play rough. my problem is my car is down so i dont have away of getting there also im bewteen kensey st and toriesdale lol sorrry for the bad spelling i also use a prong collar for him(very strong) n have some of his commands in german, he's kinda headed but playfull i also think my cc is more americanized but i still love him. ok tell me about your baby lol
    im in mt airy but get around quite a bit. Rocco is 4mths. We actually just found a park (on Kelly Dr. across from the art museum). Its a pretty cool mix of puppy's that meet up daily from around 4:30-7pm. There are small dogs to Mastiffs so its a good way to get ur pup socialized and learn to play w all sizes.

    Do you have any favorite parks/meet-ups? If you are around, we can shoot for this weekend.
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