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  • Hi! sorry for the slow reply. i follow the forum via google reader, so i missed the message notification.
    Denna's our first mastiff, and in our haste, we adopted from a BYB. She's an angel so far, and healthy, so we don't regret our choice, but pricing may be different than from a "real" breeder. For Denna's litter, they were all the same price. We are enjoying the brindle. She gets lots of complements on her markings..
    I love your picture with your dog up on it's hind legs...once upon a time Maggie use to do that and put her front paws on my shoulders...all the kids use to love seeing that and want her to do the same to them...she would knock them on their butts...gee, it's the 1st i ahev laughed in 2 days...thank you
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