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  • oh good video too lol forgot to say somthin bout it. that kids havin a good time
    I was thinking this too just going long distance with less weight or more weight less distance. i one day would like to get him to pull in a competition just once so i wanna build some muscle cause they only have to pull 15 feet at the comps. but last Saturday i walked a mile with him pullin a tire an he did great. I found a new heavier one an it was still easy i want him to have to work a lil harder but ill wait before i get something heavier. Im pissed cause i had a lock for the chain to keep the tire on the end but i lost it so i gotta head back to lowes for somthin better.

    Anyhow i hope savage becomes dog of the month i thought his pic looked pretty good so who knows
    hey hello again heard u r doing tire pulling again with heavier tires me personal i like lighter weight with very long distance built lean muscle and more endurance for more drive in my dogs lol but in doing so i slowly add a tiny bit more weight with the same long distance which still make my boy more beast like lol

    here is some of my results of doing this lol
    oh ya btw im the not riches person out there so i pretty much i do my own training n that y i came to this website so i can learn for FREE!!! if u ask someone here than they will answer but be prepared to b chewed out cuz people r very honest n dont hold back sometimes lol i know because i got a wake up call myself so just a heads up;)
    thanks but if u post that u need help there r any people here that will give good advice thats what i did ill c i can find the post
    oh ok dogo x corso yes they would be cute
    which ones i do have a female dane lol she just built like a male lol n my 2 males cc r kinda girly like lol almost everyone thinks my gray cc is a female lol but
    but y do u wish they were female? hmmm........ ? lol ;)
    when u say picky what do u mean ? doesnt like big dogs,bold dogs,pushy dogs,jumpy dogs,nosie dogs,

    with my 1st cc he's pretty much an azz lol not mean but he thinks all dog should play with him n trys treasing to get there attendition at 10mons he acts like a 5mons old but the nice thing is he knows his limits

    my 2nd cc is new to my family but he's more on the timid side but carious as a cat but once he like u he love to play but play hard even thought he's small for a cc he acts big n he's limits r kinda thin lol
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