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Sheila Braund

I'm a very blessed person. I happily married to a very selfless considering husband for over 20 years now.... I have 3 adult children....and also been blessed with 3 grandchildren.
I've been working in the financial community for over 15 years.
Right at this time I'm self employed working in the mortgage industry for 5 or 6 years now.

I'm also a wildlife rescuer. Most times have been very successful at returning the once injured or orphaned critters from morning doves and blue jays to raccoons, cats, dogs and also the occasional skunk family as well.
At one point my husband said to me " if you bring home any more stray animals home, that they could stay and I would have to leave." Jokingly of course..... So the next stray I brought home was a young lady named Catalina, Cat for short.... She became our oldest daughter. See I'm very blessed.

At this point my poor husband gives up lol :rolleyes: :p

Right at this time I have a 130lb English Mastiff female and a 6lb Poodle mix female and my very loving husband....who will give in to me eventually and get on board for some red island road chickens. Their a good cooking and laying chicken. ;)
May 17, 1964 (Age: 58)
Ontario Canada
Mortgage Coordinater