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  • Hello again.. Since I see ur the food Guru let me ask.. Is Earthborn Holistic a good puppy food.. The 2 vets I went to never heard of it.. But we wanted to have our puppy on a natural diet.. We have switched her food months ago to Royal Canin Maxi Puppy bcuz we thght it would keep her with a nice coat.. Her coat is good I guess but she is shedding like nobody's business.. Is Royal Canin a winner?? Or is there sumthg better we cld b giving her??
    hi smart family i hear you are the one with all the food answers i am thinking of putting my 2 DDB puppy's on to raw all the time they have 3/4 meals a week raw at the time being they love it, the younger one Dakota nearly 6 months is not eating the dry (freeze dry raw) well not eating the same as her half sis, would you just give me guidens on the amount to feed given there age's are 8 and nearly 6 mouths thanks jenny
    Currently, Royal Canin maxi junior, waiting for TOTW Sierra Mountain to arrive (found a seller on ebay international! :)). Also supplementing some Multivitamins and immunity booster.And also, how is Solid Gold food? It has just been made available in India, and I could get it faster than TOTW (only if it is better).
    Hi smart fam! Clearly, you know your food stuff! Is Earthborn Coast Catch grain free appropriate, safe, and recommended for an 8week old Cane Corso?
    Hi! When I can start giving my BM puppy supplements like coconut oil/fish oils? He's been shedding like crazy these last few days and was a little itchy today as well. He is 2 and a half months old right now. Thanks!
    i started him out on great plains and then switched him to coastal catch. This is his 3rd 28lb bag of Coastal. I was thinking about switching him to the meadow feast and try that
    Hey Smart, just wanted to ask another food question. I currently have Porter on the Earthborn Grain Free Coastal Catch. When he goes out to poop, he comes back in and is not clean. I mean, nothing is stuck to him or anything, but he will sit and leave poop where he sits. This happens probably 90% of the time. Could this be due to the high protein levels? What can i do to stop this?
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