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  • As another note I think I am getting more confused as I research food. 5-6 month Corso, is it high or low protein and what is a good number, do I feed adult food, do I ever go to large breed. I seem to have found Wellness Core, taste of the wild, Go and Blue wilderness, any preferences for my age and breed?
    I see you get tons of nutrition questions and most likely you have answered this before your opinion and if was yourself what would you feed a 5 month old corso and how would you change as ages? Would you start off grain and chicken free? Favorite brand (in Canada)? Thanks for any input can offer.
    One last question. How long do you think it would until his digestive track got back to normal? It seems to me that it should be getting better, but there is no improvement. I did get another bag of Acana to try out. If this doesn't get better i'll be switching to Earthborn. Could it be the chicken in Acana thats upsetting him? Thank you, you've been such a big help to everyone
    I need a little bit of help concerning food. You've helped me out in the past on getting off of TOTW and i moved on to Acana. My issue is, Porter (DDB) recently had to have some antibiotics and steriods for a spider bite he had. At the same time i was in the process of switching him to Acana. His stool has not been solid since the switch/medicine. He finished his pills Thursday of last week and still we his stool is runny. Could this be the medicine still in his system or do you think his stomach is not handling this food to well. He is on the Acana High Prairie. I need to reorder his food, so if i need to get him off i need to do it now.

    I just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU!!! and update you on our had given me the best advice for Lunas food. I am almost done with the transition from totw to earthborn and WOW what a difference. I really appreciate that you took the time to help its priceless!!!!! (clean up is so much eaiser now)
    so large breed adult has Crude Protein23% crude fat 12%
    adult gold is almost identical protein 24 and fat 16%.
    so in your mind what makes that one better then large breed adult? i do find it iodd that clacimuy is not listed since that is very important for large breeds. do you reccomend calling the company and getting nutrional as fed %? those seem different thne whats listed on the bag. thank you for your time
    Ic your the dog food guru ! Raw diet for my pup or kibble ? Just trying to see what's best thanks Jeff
    Thank you. :) I brought the bag about two weeks ago now hopefully the recepit I have on amazon has some information on it.
    Loves it! Wasn't easy to get, the store that the locator listed having in stock discontinued sales. "They weren't selling enough" really? He offered Nutro or TOTW in its place. Instead, I had to drive to the city to get it. They had everything there, Orijen, earthborn, could special order acana ....earthborn seems great though. Just have to gauge how much he wants to eat if afraid he would eat the entire bag if I let him!
    You wouldn't happen to know the calories on the Earthborn Great Plains would you? Cant seem to find it. Cyrus is loving it, so much that I want to make sure he doesnt too much. He could take in 1 1/4 cups 4x a day
    Earthborn...why I didnt check, I dont know. But you seem to love it and youve been a great help. just found it about 10 minutes away at a Pet Shop. Does there need to be a transition phase between 3 different recipes of the same brand, or am I better off sticking to one
    hi, i was talking to you on the forum about switching rocky off bb food. i value your opinion and wanted to ask about the earthborn grain free food coming out, its called meadow feast, its 26%protein 1.00% phosphorus and 1.2% calcium, and a lamb meal based food.its not at my feed store yet because its new to the market, but after talking to you it seems to fit the criteria for a mastiff. my question is do you think its ok, being it hasnt been out yet, are these foods better to wait and see if theres any feedback on it, or ok to just go ahead and start using it. thanks for your time, gary.
    Hi Christina,
    Never had this happen, so i never thought I would be asking this, but do you have any ideas on feeding chicken, I gave Mambo a chicken quarter last night, She played with it made a mess then walked away, My other dog waisted no time with it, ended up feeding her hamburger mix again, Im stopping today to pick up ground chicken backs just in case.
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