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  1. lyrathedane

    Skinny puppy! please help I'm desperate!

    Hello all! I'll try and make this post as short as possible as I am at my wits end.I have a 4 month old great dane who is WAY too skinny! I'm feeding her FROMM gold large breed puppy formula and she is eating about 3.75 cups a day. She has been stuck at 27/28lbs for a little over a month now...
  2. R

    Bull Mastiff

    I have a 10 1/2 old bull mastiff and i was just trying to get some general information that seems hard to zero in on when just searching the internet. He is about 25 inches tall at the shoulder, 93lbs and very lean. We are feeding him Diamond All naturals large breed puppy food and have been...
  3. R

    When to switch to adult food

    My bullmastiff pup, Ted, is 5 and a half months old now and doing great! I've been obsessing a little lately with exactly what food and how much to feed him. He currently eats Taste of the Wild 3 times a day (we are in the process of weaning out the mid-day meal). There is so much info on the...
  4. L

    Free Feeding

    I am about to pick up my Bullmastiff puppy on april 11th. My breeder said that she doesn't recomend free feeding. I have had dogs my whole life and always have free fed them. I have never had any wieght issues. I have also never owned a bullmastiff. Has anyone tried free feeding and if so, have...
  5. C

    Help choosing puppy food.

    Can anyone offer me help choosing a food for our new English mastiff puppy? I appreciate any help if there is anyone on here that is more knowledgable or has done any really good research on the subject? We will be getting him (Gatlin) Friday and he is 8 weeks old. It seems that the concern for...
  6. L

    Diet/What to feed six week old EM

    Hi everyone! We got our EM when she was almost 5 weeks old. At the time, her mother had kicked them off the nipple and she was on a diet of straight from the cow milk. The breeder said she was getting about 18 oz a day total. It seemed to us that it wasn't enough for her and so we upped the...
  7. T

    How much more do Mastiffs eat than other large breeds?

    We have the opportunity to buy a mastiff puppy and we like the idea but aren't sure about buying food. Where we will live dog food is expensive but we are planning to get a large breed dog of some kind. What I need to know is if there is a major difference between how much a mastiff eats and...
  8. natsan6

    Hello Jagger is our new English Mastiff pup!

    Hello Jagger is our new English Mastiff pup! (finally got the pic to post lol) We adore our new little man and he already is doing a great job at going potty outside as long as his mommy or brothers and sisters are paying attention close enough :) He was born Nov10 and is brand new to our...