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french mastiff

  1. L

    Best Breeder For Frenchies

    I wanted to know about best breeder in US or Canada. Wanted to have french bulldog because my daughter and wife really like it but i have listen from friends that they have many health issues and demand lots of care? Is it really true?
  2. L

    Best Breeder For Frenchies

    I wanted to know about best breeder in US or Canada. Wanted to have french bulldog because my daughter and wife really like it but i have listen from friends that they have many health issues and demand lots of care? Is it really true?
  3. D

    Hello :)

    Hello, Hope this message finds you well :) Ever since I have seen Turner & Hooch, I have wanted a Dogo Bordeaux. Will be getting a female pup sometime later this month. I have researched and read and watched tons of material and I realise there is still a lot to learn. That is why I am here :)
  4. D

    Dogue de Bordeaux in California

    Hi, I am from California. I currently own 2 beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux, one is Rusty at age 22 months, and my newest Arya 13 weeks. I love reading this forum and looking at all the wonderful family members!
  5. Masong11

    TIME LAPSE box destruction. (VIDEO)

    Apollo is at it again!
  6. Masong11

    -1 DEGREE! Why won't anyone come out and PLAY WITH ME!

  7. Masong11

    So this is his favorite toy, REALLY?

    Out of all the toys Apollo can choose from to play with he prefers a box. FYI, Apollo is now 14 months.
  8. Masong11

    How much weight do French Mastiffs gain between their 1st and 2nd year of age?

    Apollo is 10 months old, he will be 11months in 2 weeks. Apollo weights 105 now and I am wondering how much more weight does the french mastiff typically gain between 12-24 months ? I am sure the blood line and other factors play a role but judging from his current weight being 105 and 23 1/2...
  9. Masong11

    The RARE RED wild boar spotted!

  10. Masong11

    Photo bomb!!

    Apollo's photo bomb on our way to Denver!
  11. Masong11

    I want to see you Dogue De Bordeaux Pics! Share please!

    I was fortunate enough to run into a photographer at the dog beach and he took a couple pics and posted them on his web site, here are a couple. Apollo 8 months I look forward to your recent pics, please share!
  12. C

    Training a 1 year old French Mastiff- Need Help

    Hello everyone, My family has a french mastiff who's about 1 1/2 years old. He's going to be living with me now because he had a biting incident and my mother is going to be having a baby soon so he can't stay, it's not safe for the baby/ youngest child. He wasn't socialized very well/ at all...
  13. C

    New mastiff owners :)

    Hello! We are new to the forum. We are the proud parents of Hyde, a 4 month old male douge de bordeaux. He is sweet and wonderful and loving all the snow we have had here in Pennsylvania. Looking forward to reading the posts on this site and learning more about these great dogs! Enjoy the...
  14. Gian

    Hey everyone meet Beau!

    I just got my beautiful male ddb Beau. Finally after a year of waiting I have found my little bud. He is about to turn 12 weeks old and I am as happy as can be with him :D even when he wakes me up at 4 am :p. My family and I have had quite a number of large dogs from lab, Rottweilers, to fila...
  15. D

    Please meet Duke, 8 m/o DDB

    I am proud to introduce our pup Duke (Dukey or Bo Bo as my wife calls him). Duke just turned 8 months and weighs an even 100 lbs. He is great fun and listens pretty well for an untrained dog. I bought the book "Teach your dog 100 English words" before I got him and it has been a big help...
  16. D

    Crate training George

    We have had our French Mastiff, George, for about one month now and he is the best dog! We couldn't be happier. Our two year old daughter, Lucy, is madly in love with him and he is wonderful with her. When we first brought him home, he wasn't potty trained AT ALL and he had never been on a...
  17. H

    DDB puppy nutrition - Orijen LBP or Acana LBP???

    Hey guys, I have been looking into different dry food options for my DDB puppy. I will be picking him up the week of Feb 17th and need to finalize on this before that. Obviously I am going to start him off on what the breeder has him on, and gradually transition him to the new variety. There...
  18. H

    Breeder information

    Has anyone heard of LaMondia Bordeaux? They are based out of New York. I talked to the breeder and he seemed very helpful and willing to answer my concerns/questions. Will be great to know if someone has had any dealings with them in the past? Thanks.
  19. H

    New DDB owner

    Hello Everyone, I am really excited to join this forum, partcipate, learn and share with all you guys. I have always wanted a DDB puppy and but I think I finally have the time and resources needed to commit to something so big. I have been constantly talking to different breeders and gauging...
  20. M

    Neo versus Dogue

    Hi Everyone, I would love to hear from people their experience of owning a Neapolitan Mastiff and a Dogue De Bordeaux. I know the breed standard by heart for both, and I have seen Turner and Hooch and read everything possible from google etc. etc. etc. But I just want to hear from owners...