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  1. C

    Need some help with a crazy puppy...

    Hello! I’m a new corso mom. I’ve wanted one my whole life and after having multiple jobs, being a vet tech, I decided I did enough research to get a puppy. My boyfriend and I got a beautiful boy named Johnny Cash. We got him about a month ago he’s 4 months now. He is as sweet as pie, we can take...
  2. JuneBugg

    Working or fit English mastiffs?

    Are there any working and/or fit English mastiffs around here, or do you know of any? Specifically EMs or crosses used for boar hunting or bitework. Thank you My boy for tax!
  3. Tracyhc

    Cc is taking the piss out of me

    Hi could experienced cc owners PLEASE advise me on how to teach my cc to not take the living piss out of me! Im really having problems with my 11 months old female cc. At the moment she just does not listen to me, she will have my cushions, my coats my boots my clothes, everything and when I...
  4. Tracyhc

    Structure and training to ease aggression?

    Experienced Cane Corso owners please advise me on how to start structure and training, I'm not understanding the structure bit that Im been told my 10 month needs. I've got it totally wrong with her, she litterelly is the boss because I've been so soft letting her do what she wants if she's...
  5. Tracyhc


    My 10 months old female cc bit me on my arm yesterday because another dog which is normally her play mate went near her bone which was on her bed. Well she just flipped so I panicked and grabbed her collar to pull her away then next thing my arm got bit. I screamed and she let go straight away...
  6. Yami94

    Suddenly not listening AT ALL

    Nova is now 14 weeks. (CC) She’s been super good with training, has learned all the basics, waits for her food until she gets the go ahead and has dramatically reduced her nipping. Her recall is pretty good too considering her age, and she’s used to other dogs and people and with the...
  7. taylormalyon

    Muzzle brand?

    I cannot find a muzzle that seems to fit my guy properly! I've tried the angel brand, baskerville and a few other types! Anyone have any other recommendations on brands that they have used and have liked! I like the basket kinds the best, and would like to get the baskerville one, but the...
  8. V

    9 month English Mastiff/Bull Mastiff HELP!

    I have a 9 month old puppy who weighs 125lbs. While I love him so much and I want to enjoy him I am finding it difficult because he does not listen and is constantly jumping on me or trying to play bite my arm. While he has never be "aggressive" towards me I can not help but to be intimidated...
  9. D

    New DdB owner. Training advice needed

    Looking for good books and or videos on training the DdB breed specifically. I'm not looking for show training but more just every day family dog training. Thanks!
  10. D

    New DdB owner. Need training book

    We just put a deposit on a DdB puppy. We've researched and researched this breed, so we feel somewhat prepared as to what we are getting into. We are now looking into good training books for this specific breed. Any suggestions? Or even good training videos. Thanks!
  11. L

    5 month old puppy pees where he sleeps?

    Hi all! I'm new here so please let me know if I am doing anything wrong. Now my 5 month old english mastiff (Loki) has passed kindergarten and is on intermediate training. He's potty trained for the most part and only bites when he's very hyper. So in short he's a super well behaved pup...
  12. B

    Please help me train my 9 week old bullmastiff

    I have a 9 week old bullmastiff female. I started training Right away, she "sits" "comes" and sometimes gives me her "paw". My biggest difficulty is having her go on the weewee pad no matter how many times I pick her up say no and put her on the wee wee pad it still didn't work. I...
  13. C

    Problems with other dogs

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on my bullmastiff. First time coming across this website so I thought I'd give it a shot :) I have a bullmastiff, Nate (2, nearly 3), and a sharpei, Harley (11). They get on great together and, so far, we've had no issues with them. However, over the past few...
  14. atcbravozulu

    Mouthy EM

    My Samson is 15 months old. Lately, he's become quite "mouthy". He doesn't like anyone rough housing around if my boys are wrestling, he mouths them until the wrestling stops. He doesn't like screaming or loud squeal toddler noises. So when my Autistic 4 year old son jumps around...
  15. G

    It's been a while since I have had a puppy!

    I am bringing home a puppy next week and am trying to figure out about crate training her. She is 8 wks old. I have a two story house with all bedrooms upstairs, but much of the time we are downstairs. I have two crates from previous pups/blending households. Do I want just one crate to be her's...
  16. B

    Hello from Vancouver

    Hi, Just joined and thought I would say hello. I lost my Cane Corso a while ago at 11-1/2 years. He was the second Corso I have had - adore this breed! (Although I must say I do have a very soft spot for molossars in general.) I did a lot of training with my dog and titled him in various...
  17. E

    My 9 week old Presa Canario

    Hey there, This is (tentatively) Penny, my 9 week old presa. I have been working with her on walking on a leash and not biting it or pulling. Big difference in just 2 weeks or so. I am planning to start with basic obedience this week, probably sit to get started with, unless you suggest...
  18. Tess

    Cane Corso training...most important commands

    We will be bringing our new pup Tess home in 4 weeks, and I'm trying to be as prepared as possible. What are the most important commands to teach, other than the basics (sit, stay, down). We have four daughters, and want them to establish dominance early on, as the puppy will outweigh them...
  19. A

    Confidence Building Exercises

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to inform you all that Chief is doing a lot better now with strangers! :) We have gone with the "Please don't pet him" approach. He warms up to new people within an hour. We also keep him on a leash when new people enter our home. He is doing very well with stay and...
  20. Tess

    New Cane Corso puppy

    We will be adding a female cane corso pup to our family in the end of January. What are the basics I'll need before bringing her home? I'm planning on getting an XL crate with divider, and will have bedding, toys, etc. What dry dog food do you recommend? We feed our other dog Earthborn...