10 week Blue Cane Corso hairloss and thin coat

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Don Shoemaker, Dec 19, 2020.

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    I have a 10 week old male blue brindle cane corso, who has hair loss on tail, and hind quarters as well as thin coat on spine and on snout. He itches and has dandruff, especially on snout. Vet took small sample and looked under microscope did not see fleas or mites but suspects that's the cause, we are awaiting Nextgard to begin treatment. How long could we expect results should this be the cause and what else may cause this? Thank you
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    I am not a vet nor will I say I am qualified to give advice..
    Puppies and parasites go hand in hand.. The vet should have gotten a stool sample to look at worm load.. Has the pup been wormed 2-3 times so far ? Worms, tapeworms most prominently cause itchy a hole which maybe your culprit in tail hair loss as well as poor hair coat.. Make sure the boy has no worm load and his condition should improve.. Did you just get the pup ? Did you whelp the pup ? What is the pups current environment ? I myself would want a clean worm report before moving to a routine chemical treatment like nextgard.. Sounds to me like the pup didn't come from the ideal.. I got a pup back in July that was in fair less than ideal shape and she's 6 mo + and doing awesome now..
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