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Anyone else has a chocolate presa canario


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I didn't see where you asked that question. I did state that until the color is added to the standard of the parent club then I don't feel it should be specifically bred for. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for trendily changing standards. Some breeds have been ruined because of trend. Specifically the brachycephalic breeds. There's a lot to be said for common sense as well.
I agree with u on that. I just got tired of dogs looking like everybody elses. I know u love ur dog , have u ever went to a show and saw that all dogs of ur breed look almost exact. Their is really no varition in this breed except the color chant the recessive dd gene trait allows, and that trait only changes coat and nose color slightly. U still won' see any patches or a whole bunch of white markings.i stick to that and will never cross this breed ever. Just bringing the breeds recessive traits to light is all.


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I guess that I expect uniformity in my breed of choice, so I expect them to look similar. I'm sure you realize that often bringing recessive genes to the forefront also has the potential to bring forward certain health issues. I think we both agree that the health of the dog is the most important thing.


And I have solid black in my bloodline also. I hear peopl saying that' incorrect but the top spanish breeder have both of these colors in their bloodlines. And we talking 20k dog prices. That' would mean they are selli g incorrect dogs too

My cousin has two solid black presa’s she had a lone litter and he sold for 2k gorgeous pup