Anyone familiar with Dogs Del Tajamar breeder Long Island, NY

Discussion in 'Dogo Argentino' started by CaneCorsoLover, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. CaneCorsoLover

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    Hi, I've recently been looking at Dogs besides Cane Corsos. I am lucky to have a few excellent CC breeders locally. I also found a Dog breeder under 90 minutes from me. Spoke With Breeder AND States He Breeds softer, Low Prey Drive Dogos. Exactly what I am looking for. He sounds legit, but would like to know if anyone had had experiencea with him. He is expecting pups this Spring for Summer. Still open to CC of course, but planning a visit to see his dogs myself. Thanks.Welcome to Dogos Del Tajamar,argentine dogos, dogos,Argentine Mastiff , dogo bredders, dogo puppyies dogo puppy, dogo dogs, dogos breeding
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    With all due respect, if you want a soft dog with low prey drive get a different breed. Diluting breed traits is not something that should be supported regardless of your personal needs.
  3. CaneCorsoLover

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    Thanks, not looking for necessarily a "soft" Dogo, but not a hard working one either. No plans on big game hunting in metro NY. :) I know several Cane Corso breeders that breed for both, but there are 10x mor CC breeders out there.. I would suspect that Dogo breeders outside of hunting and rural areas which are being raised in homes with families and not in outdoor kennels are breeding slightly softer Dogos. I also wouldn't consider a softer Dogo to be a Lab. :) I don't want that. Still need to do plenty of research on this breed. On paper the Cane Corso seems to be the better dog for my needs though. I would suspect the Dogo show dogs have less drive. Less not meaning none. Let me check out these Dogos and see their temperament. Thanks for the advice.
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    I know where you are coming from and I have walked in your shoes. I was living in Brooklyn for the first 18mo of my boy's life. I personally would not own a Dogo again if I was living in the city. To be honest, as much as I love my boy I probably wouldn't own a Dogo again unless I was able to hunt it regularly. Personally, I don't believe in supporting breeders who dilute traits. Breeding soft Dogos with low prey drive is not constructive. It is like buying a Bugatti and putting a 350 Chevy in it to make it more reliable. Many breeders have devoted their lives to create a marvellous dog for very specific purposes. They have succeeded. There are a lot of back yard Dogo breeders who are not contributing to the health and depth of the breed.That said, looking at the Tajamar website I am confused. You say he claims to breed softer dogs yet I see that they are breeding from de la Cocha and La Historia lines. De la Cocha is the original kennel in Arg and La Historia is also a hard breeding kennel. Hell, Joshua even moved his kennel from NY to Florida so his dogs could hunt! I would not imagine those dogs bearing soft, low drive litters.I would be happy to offer insight to my experiences if you would like to PM me but I would recommend a CC over a Dogo based on what you have said about your situation. Thank you for taking my comments at face value and good luck with your choices.
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    Thanks, I actually live in the suburb of Westchester not NYC borough. I'm retired from law enforcement and a fitness nut. I would be doing slow jogs, biking, agility and obedience work with the dog. I live in a house with a backyard and walking distance to beach and parks. I do have a 10 year old daughter. Interesting in doing therapy work also with dog. I suffer from anxiety disorder. sure how Dogos will be open to this. I already know of a professional obedience school from puppy kindergarten to CGC. The breeder actually said his dogs are very versatile and with proper training, exercise and socialization. I have two excellent CC breeders very close, Italica and Liberty. I've already been to Liberty. I just might prefer a slightly more athletic dog. Although I've seen female CC jump a 6 ft fence. I have also looked into Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Not in a rush. Researching CC for over a year. RR a few weeks and Dogs a couple of weeks. Thanks again for your feedback.
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    I would suggest a CC also, or a DDB if you want to keep it in the Mastiff family. I would just keep in mind that all dogs are individual. I have two sister EM's (from the same litter, one is the runt named Bella and my husband couldn't pass up her sister Sage). Bella is a true EM. She loves to loaf around, but will play when asked too and does go on one to two walks a day. Her sister Sage is very athletic. I can take her on short jogs and she loves it. We go on much longer and more diverse terrain on our walks (I walk them separate in the am). She loves to jump, hike and do all kinds of active things. Not the typical EM for sure.
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    Stay away From Lucas Granja, he is the owner of this so called Kennel. He is a Liar and will do just about anything to sell you a dog. I can go on and on how he has lied about just about everything. I purchased a puppy from him and haven't received ANY PAPERWORK, not even vaccination forms. Lucas Granja is a Liar who just the Dog world a bad name!

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