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    I will soon be importing a Neapolitan Mastiff pup to the United Kingdom. I am just wondering what diet is best for this breed. I am currently looking into royal canin giant but many people are advising not to feed the puppy version and go straight onto junior and then shortly, onto adult. The food the breeder feeds, I cannot source here in the UK.

    I would appreciate any advice.

    Kind regards,

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    Welcome to the forum, im in the uk , i feed eden holistic, iv never fed my 3 ccs puppy food,
    Iv just looked at the royal canin, meat content isnt very good, and mastiffs often have a chicken and wheat allergy, the roysl canin is around £45 for 15kg where as what i feed if you shop around online is £55 yes its more but you feed less kibble.
    Theres other similar foods like tast of the wild.
    Mastiffs are a wonderful breed, cngrats on your new pup and please post pics.
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    Also what food does the breeder feed,
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    The truth is dog food is crap. A long time ago all dogs were fed table scraps and they were fine but someone came up with the idea to put cheap crap in a convenient package and sell it. Now they brainwashed the public and the vets to think this stuff with corn, wheat, soy, and road kill (meat by-products) is actually good for dogs! This flies in the face of logic. The cheapest crap you possibly find is actually the best food for dogs? I tend to think it's the best product for profits. The raw diet is the best, but I can't afford it so I feed Acana and Stella & Chewy's. If you read the label it's quite different from the Purina, Hills, and Royal Canin stuff.
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