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Technically they're not rare here, but they're usually hard to get a glimpse of cause they're shy birds, even shyer than the Baltimore Orioles, which is saying something!

Here's a male Baltimore Oriole:
View attachment 42505

And a Magnolia Warbler in the pines out back:
View attachment 42506

And a Yellow Warbler:
View attachment 42507

And a Chestnut Sided Warbler:
View attachment 42508


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Wow Ruth, you sure have a lot of wild life around, so jealous, i love the country and can't wait to go back, this one and your camera thread are pooking my eyes off.


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Went to wildlife shelter and this lil owl was making funny faces at me:rolleyes::rolleyes:



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Sweet! I keep meaning to try to visit one of hte local wildlife rehabbers who also runs bird education groups, but I keep forgetting.


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You get some fantastic pictures.

It might have already been asked but, what camera do you use?

You have some really interesting looking birds in your area. I can spend hours watching at the birds around my feeders, but I never think to snap pictures of them.


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Currently a Pentax K5 with a 200mm zoom lens. Previously a Pentax K110D.

The photographing of birds started because I was trying to ID some of them and I couldn't remember the markings well enough to do so without photos! For example we have something like 5 different types of sparrow that are regulars here that I've seen, and there's another 3 or 4 that pass through regularly, and that doesn't count the occasional rarity like the Harris's Sparrow we had here a couple years ago. From there it progressed into actually trying to get good shots.....


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Thank you! I was SO EXCITED to see the Snowy Owls here over the winter. They're not a normal winter visitor here but last year they were ALL OVER the continental US, there were even reports down in FL!