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Cane corso 13 week old male terrified ever time you enter the room


New Member
I picked up a 13 week old beautiful male cane corso puppy yesterday found him on craigslist for free lol yes I know there was a reason. When she brought him out he was afraid of me that’s normal I thought he did growl but was easily redirected with food , lady told me he did that when anyone came but was fine in a little bit after they had been there a while,he was fine playful my daughter held him all the way home a 2 hour drive he was fine. Got home he barked and growled at everyone that came into the room but would stop then be fine still coming to me and my daughter for pets and laying with us on the couch. He when to sleep my daughter went to bed about a hour later he wake up and looked over at me he was fine I ask him if he needed to go pee I went into the kitchen and put my shoes and jacket on when I came back into the room he went crazy barking growling starting peeing on the couch while lunging at me,I backed off sat down on the couch a little away from him in a minute he laid back down and I moved slowly closer and put my had out he put his head in it all was fine again. I took him outside and walked him around when I brought him back in I put him in his crate he went right I. No problem then turn around and growled at me. Fast forward till this am I went to het him out of his crate which is in my bathroom and he’s growling again and just laying there when I open the crate he starts growling and barking please help!