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Cane Corso x Weimaraner

Sheila Braund

Well-Known Member
I found this posting on Facebook. I hope it’s okay to share it here. Poor pup needs a forever family


Application: https://form.jotform.com/satosaved/adoptionform
Name: Brutus
Breed: Cane Corso x Weimaraner
Weight: +/- 70lbs
Gender: male
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Age:+/- 2 years
Reason for Intake: Surrender from member of public
Medical (shots etc): DAPP vaccine, Rabies, deworming, revolution,
Condition of teeth: Good
Good with dogs: Selective, No
Good with cats: NO – will hurt them
Good with kids (+ ages): not aggressive, but kid free home only
Good with strangers: No – reactive due to being under-socialized as puppy
Guarding issues: minor
Behavioural issues: wary of strangers, especially men. Will lunge. No bite history. Under socialized as puppy – he was left chained in a yard.
House trained: yes
Crate trained: Yes
Destructive: no but must be crated when family is away
Leash skills: pulls on leash, reactive to strangers and dogs
Okay with manipulations: Yes, once he trusts and knows his people
Known commands: Sit, in your bed
Food on now: Acana chicken & fish
Medical issues: None
Brutus lived the first year of his life on a chain, alone. He is a big snug bug once he knows and trusts you. He loves, LOVES his foster mama, his fur sister and her son, but due to his fear aggression, a kid free and pet free home is best for him. He may be ok with a laid back female dog, but priority will be given to pet free homes. Brutus is not good with cats, he thinks they’re prey and will go after them. Brutus is a very strong boy, and needs someone who can hang onto him if he’s leashed. A nice country property with a large fenced yard, and lots of ball time would be perfect amount of exercise for him.
Brutus would do best in a very laid back home, away from the city, with people who will love him and be patient with his fear. Brutus is not aggressive; he is simply fearful and under socialized which he displays with lunging and low growls when he is unsure of people. He is very protective of his family, so the traffic coming in and out of your home, will need to be considered. Brutus is a just a big teddy bear, who will be your loyal protector always, but he needs the right home to help him thrive.
Thank you for considering Brutus!

Sheila Braund

Well-Known Member
Yes I hope so too. I would gladly take him on. But I have 2 females. Sunny is getting too old for new siblings. And Bella isn't laid back at all. She's still has the energy of a pup.