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  1. 01CCF3B0-F9CA-4693-A115-A9C7B2E9AE1A.jpeg 01CCF3B0-F9CA-4693-A115-A9C7B2E9AE1A.jpeg We recently got a female EM to be a good companion to our other pup Bruno. 4 1/2 months 50 lbs. This is my 2nd EM and wow how many more options of foods are there now since 2005 . But still no one has figured out the unique diet for am EM puppy. Our other pup is 2yr rescue 1/2 Amstaff 1/2 Belgian Maníos. So he keeps her active as the female EM comes out in her. The breeder had her on Purina Pro plan for large breed which is a lot better than it use to be but still heavy on the grain. My wife recently got her Canidae’s all stages multi protein hoping that if it works we would only have to buy one food for both. As I read the reviews I saw that it was recommended a lot for large breeds including puppy’s on a lot of sites but got me to think why not recommend their specific large breed for all ages instead. Which brings me here as many of you know not only are our babies Giant breeds not large as they label them but EM are even more sensitive in their diet as you really need the right puppy food for them to get right vitamins at the right time period for proper growth and longer health. What have been your guys experience with Canidae food especially the multi protein one would you recommend it. Have me toss it ASAP to not mess up her food change too much. Which is never good. What food would you guys recommend so she gets everything needs please help.

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