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    Hi everyone
    I became a member of this forum is get some ideas and tips on helping me with my 6 an half month DDB Brieanne so she can be the best she can be , Brieanne had a bit of a tough time when she was a puppy so it’s probably best I give back ground
    I no had brieanne since she was 8 weeks old and she was an is the most adorable thing ever , when she came to us she was on RAW which I was really happy to carry on with , found out what company stayed with exactly what she was being fed , she was never fussed on it and I literally was hand feeding her she really really didn’t want it although I manage for 3/4 weeks after bringing her home , she started being sick always having the hiccups nothing major , regurgitation after moving etc but I got more an more concerned . I awoke one morning at 3am to my pup vomiting profusely she couldn’t stop . She was taken to the vet who X-ray her and she was found to have a blockage in her bowel of bone fragments from the feed she had emergency surgery to remove an repair the bowel , her road to recovery was long she had weeks of IV and IM injections as she was still being sick and further scopes revealed damage to her throat stomach and top of her bowel, weeks of treatment followed for same , in this time my pup lost lots of weight was on veterinary food progressing to veterinary dry
    As time has gone by we still have bouts of sickness just when I think we’re getting somewhere she ll have 2/3 days of nausea vomiting and sometimes diarrhoea
    We have progressed to top brand giant puppy kibble and cooked chicken breast with each feed , treats are a abs no no apart from cooked chicken which isn’t a treat as she has it all the time , Iv tried fish , was advised chappie etc which all have the same effect the day after nausea and then doesn’t eat for a day which we then revert back to good old chicken an rice and start all over again
    Brieanne is an amazing girl and throughout all her surgeries and later problems was the most fun loving pup I could wish for , sorry for long winded explanation just thought it better to put it all down
    My reason for post today is my pup is only 27kg at 6 an half months and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on any way I can get her weight up without taking 2 steps forward an 10 back and any further supplements etc
    I would rather anyone with any negatives comments to think before replying as me an my pup have had the most worrying and worse start and just trying to do what is best for her , she is my world
    Thank you
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    I'm so sorry you're all dealing with this. My daughter just went through something very similar with her cat. His recovery from the surgery for a blockage was awful. He wasn't able to keep anything down that wasn't liquid. The prescription diet was a little better, but not by much, and it was very expensive for something that didn't really work. I did some research on what was different about the special food. This is a link for cats, but the info on hypoallergenic diets and hydrolyzed proteins is interesting.


    After months of numerous very small meals of special foods, Nox is now keeping everything down and gaining weight. I didn't look into foods for dogs, but I would suggest seeing what "hypoallergenic" diets are available and trying that. Also - Nox still isn't able to handle a dry diet. It must be wet and pureed.

    Which brings me to another question. You mentioned there was damage to her throat. Has the vet mentioned megaesophagus? I have a boxer with megaesophagus and gastroparesis. He requires a diet low in fat (6-8% maximum) for his slow digestion. I grind his food, mix it with wet, and either hand feed him with his head looking up or feed him from a very raised dish. He gets 2 or 3 meals a day. He absolutely can't eat regular kibble. It must be ground and mixed or only a canned diet. So I guess I'd would suggest also trying making her food more moist, grinding the kibble in a blender if you can, and feeding her from a raised dish to see if that helps. If it helps some, but not enough, you can do more extreme things.

    I hope maybe something here will help a little. Wishing you the very best of luck, and I'd sure love to see lots of pictures of your girl.

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