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dog nail grinder

cramer john

New Member
I've been clipping my dogs nails since I brought him home and up until 6-6.5 months he never had a problem with it. Now you can't get near him with a nail clipper w/o him acting a damn fool! I've tried a suggestion B gave me about sitting down and gentle picking him his chest and having someone clip. and praiseing him when he behaving and giving treats. Well we never made it to actually clipping even one nail before the struggle began. I usually clip his nails on a grooming table with the grooming loops on him but I don't own a grooming table(use to clip his nails at my old job). I tried a Best dog nail grinder too. Tried holding him down with 5 people! Yes 5! And dammit he still gave us hell! Only his front paws need to be done not the back. Back nails are supershort from running around on concrete. He's not a biter he thrases and throws himself around and occassionally will fight you for the nail clippers.Once he gets them he's not giving them back w/o a fight. I've never clipped his nails into the quick. Anyone have any suggestion?


Well-Known Member
Holding him down is never going to go well. It scares him. There are methods using a clicker to get a dog accustomed to nail trims. My daughter is an elite fear free certified technician at a cooperative care clinic. She does nail trims without restraint. It can be done. With that being said - it takes a lot of time with some dogs. My suggestion is to make a scratch board and teach your dog to use it.

This is my daughter's facebook page. She has cooperative care videos and about a quarter way down the page there's a video of Otis doing the nail board. The board doesn't really work for the back nails, but it's great for front nails and it's super easy to make.