Dogue and Boxer video clip, looking for comments on behaviour.

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  1. sadhbhsdad

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    Hi All,
    Today my brother in law is working in my neighbours house and I suggested he leave his dog (female boxer) with me and Fódhla for a couple of hours.
    They have met a few times when we have crossed paths when out on walks.
    I am curious of the way Fódhla reacted.
    To me she is not being aggressive, she maybe tried a little to be the dominant dog but didn't push it to much??
    There was not much tail wagging from Fódhla compared to Star ?

    Can some of you more experienced guys please comment on the behaviour displayed (particularly from dogue) in the short video attached.

    Both are intact females, Fódhla is now 14.5 months old, Star is almost 7 months.
    I was able to give both a treat of a chicken foot with out any issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. BattleDax

    BattleDax Well-Known Member

    Looks like two confident dogs. The DDB seems a bit more serious, and displaying a bit more dominant behaviors. Of course, the DDB is a year and 2 months old compared to the Boxer's 7 months.

    The DDB was intent on sniffing the Boxer's repro. parts, and displayed a mounting behavior – both assertive, if not dominant, moves.

    The Boxer was more just playful, but again, confident – not displaying submissiveness. It was confident enough to stand, uninterested, while its parts were sniffed. It put a paw up on the DDB's shoulder.

    Maybe the Boxer was interested in where her owner was, and when she would get out of that environment which was not her home – hence the lack of interest in much play, and hence the running around checking the place out.

    These two confident females are candidates for SSA (same sex aggression) if allowed to romp together as they both reach closer to sexual maturity. Play will probably turn to an actual fight one day.

    By the way, the Boxer seems tall at 7 months compared to the DDB who probably has most or all of her height at that age. Over here in the U.S., most Boxers I see are quite smallish.
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  3. sadhbhsdad

    sadhbhsdad Well-Known Member

    Hi BattleDax,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I asked the question about the behavior as I did think my DDB was a bit serious, but they were on her ''territory'' so I should probably expected that.
    How would you advise I reduce the chances of these two ending up in a fight or is it inevitable if they spend time together with either one or the other trying to become the dominant dog.
    I agree the Boxer is tall, I'm not sure of her height but my DDB is just touching 25 inch at the withers.
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  4. BattleDax

    BattleDax Well-Known Member

    Hey, sorry for the delayed reply.

    I wouldn't necessarily say inevitable, but probable. Reduce the chances of fights by not feeding in each other's presence. Stay away from offering treats when they are together. Valued toys might be fought over. I've even seen the water bowl spark a fight.

    Don't try to even things out between them. Let the more dominant one be more dominant.

    All that said, Same Sex Aggression is just going to happen if it is going to happen. Try to keep them under supervision, and know how to break up a fight without hurting yourself. If you have questions about how, let me know.

    Beautiful dogs. Enjoy!
  5. Boxergirl

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    Look at those beautiful dogs! Well first off I want to say that boxers are jerks. They have a very distinctive play style that most other breeds have a problem with if they haven't been raised together from pups. They're rude and other dogs don't really seem sure what to make of them and often take offense at their play style. I actually don't let my boxers play with most other dogs because they slap and punch and are generally too rude without meaning to be. I agree with BattleDax that there is definitely the possibility of aggression down the road, but it's hard to really say from one encounter. Always supervise and no high value items when they're together.
  6. sadhbhsdad

    sadhbhsdad Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reply. I actually had Star (boxer) back today for about 4 hours. They both played hard for the first hour then things got a little calmer. There was mouthing, chasing and rolling around. Star did mount Fódhla for a few seconds with no resistance from Fódhla then they continued to play.

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