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Jay P.

New Member
Sup guys. I will be bringing home a new cane corso pup Dec 6th. I’m looking for any information on where to go for ear cropping close to NY within reasonable pricing. I’m in Brooklyn but can travel. Let me know if you have suggestions!


Well-Known Member
I'll watch this thread with interest. I hope that when/if I get a Corso pup, the breeder will take care of the cropping; but I see that many breeders are not doing that – or are charging more for it.

I know that finding a qualified person who is willing to crop a Doberman these days is getting pretty hard, and it sucks. I love that The CC is a breed that is so commonly cropped – seems more commonly cropped than Dobes these days; so I've been wondering exactly who are all these people performing the Cane Corso cropping. ?


Personally I'm neither for nor against cropping. If you're willing to travel to Philly I can point you in the direction of a reputable vet who still does cropping and docking.