Fasting Raw fed dog & 2 meals or 1 ?

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    Hi All,
    With my female DDB now approaching 20 months old I am considering introducing a fast day or at least a half fast day in the next few months.
    With my previous DDB I did a half day fast where I would skip her morning meal and only give her a beef knuckle bone that she could only gnaw on and not eat. She would then get a meal in the evening. This feeding schedule seemed to work well.
    Another thing I am considering is if I should switch her from 2 meals per day to a single meal.

    FYI F├│dhla is quite active compared to my previous DDB. We are jogging on average 5 - 6km (about 3.5 miles) in the morning usually takes between 25 - 30 mins and then similar distance walk in evening at weekends walks are longer. She is on a raw diet which consists of chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey, duck, raw eggs, tripe (mostly beef but occasionally lamb) sardines and table scraps.

    Opinions and feed back to would be appreciated.

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