FDA to vets: Watch out for jerky pet treats

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by musicdeb, Oct 23, 2013.

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    I linked a pdf file with all the details for human grade jerky. The only thing different I do for dogs is no hot marinades and no need to sprinkle with any flavors before drying. Just marinade it overnight in Soy sauce with something sweet like brown sugar or orange marmalade. Drain lay flat on racks in the oven at it's lowest setting and prop the door open just about an inch or so with a stick and let it dry about 6 hours. Cut into bite size treats and stick in a ziplock. I leave the bag slightly open so the jerky never gets a chance to spoil, also it goes fast enough that it really has no chance of going bad. I do not refrigerate it either.
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    *Calls over his dog* Okay, Bailey! Let's start testing out jerky products, and let me know if you're dying, just so we can be double sure that those cheap, mass-produced, made-in-China food products really ARE what's killing pets everywhere! /sarcasm
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    How do a start a new topic? I can't find it anywhere?
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    Many recipes on the inter webs
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    It says most jerky treats implicated were made in China. I try to check all my treats are not made in China. China loves to make up stuff even for human consumption. I heard about them using toilet tissues to make noodles, or something crazy like that, and that's just one example I'm remembering. I always go for Made in the USA.

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