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    Hello again!

    I say again as I used this forum a little while back when our mastiff x was a pup/young dog. She's 4 now! It's really nice to see some familiar names on here!

    We have just got a DDB pup who is 12 weeks now, we've had her for 2 weeks. We've had a ddb previously, before Millie.

    I am seeking advice re food. Forgive me for not posting in nutrition but that doesn't seem to get as much traffic!

    Millie eats a cold pressed food:

    She does really well on it and is in great condition. I remember asking for opinions on it here and people said looked good.

    I would like the new pup (Jolee) to eat cold pressed too and have started her on Lukulkus junior cold pressed:

    The size of the pellets is great as the Markus Muehle pellets are quite big.

    However, I think I'd forgotten that mastiff puppies don't need puppy/junior foods and also that many are allergic to chicken.

    Her poos are about half fine and half not. Sometimes all OK, but other times she has diarrhoea. She also farts badly!!

    I've seen that Millie's food - the Markus Muehle - now comes in smaller pellets so I'm thinking of switching to this.

    I wondered if those of you who are experts on the ingredients/how much protein a dog should receive etc could advise me?

    Another point - she doesn't eat as much as the lowest recommended weight of food for her bracket. She's healthy and if anything a little 'rounded'. (she's been wormed!)

    One last thing - at what age can she drop to 2 meals a day?

    Thank you in advance!

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    The answers you get will depend on which school of thought you subscribe to. I feed a holistic type kibble that contains 65-70 pct meat, which is closer to what a wolf would eat, so it has about 34 pct protein which any traditional vet would say is excessive and would cause liver, pancreatic, and kidney problems. Holistic vets would say the ideal diet is a raw food diet with 80-90 pct animal ingredients because that's their natural diet and their stomachs are designed much differently from ours and can easily process this diet. So really it comes down to who you choose to believe. Based on your choice of food you probably want something better than the cheap food put out by the companies with ingredients unfit for human consumption. I totally agree with that. I personally prefer a diet with more protein and fat which means less carbs, but I have my biases and could be wrong for all I know.
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    Regarding your other questions, most dog foods recommendations on feeding amounts are too high because they want you to buy a lot, so don't worry if they eat less than the recommended amount. With some foods it's not uncommon that the recommendation is twice what they need.

    As for frequency, I put my puppy on 3-4 feedings because he ate so much he was throwing up, so I had to give him smaller amounts. When he got big enough to eat more at one time that's when I went down to 2 meals, and for him I believe that was around 12 weeks. He was a small puppy about 11 pounds at 8 weeks. A bigger puppy could probably do that sooner.
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    Thank you!

    So, I decided to go with Markus Muehle Black Angus for Adults although since I chose that one, I've carried on my research and I'm so confused!

    For those who are knowledgeable on fat, calcium, phosphorus etc... How does this look? I'm wondering if too high in calcium now but not enough fat?

    Also... If feeding an adult food, I'm presuming that pups need more calories so do I do double the amount or do 1.5 the amount?

    Thank you!

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    That link is great! I've been on that site but didn't see the calculator. I've now settled on a food and am going to stop looking! Thank you!
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    [QUOTE = "MastiffMillie, post: 389922, membre: 17863"] Elle fait vraiment bien dessus et est en très bon état. Je me souviens avoir demandé des opinions à ce sujet ici et les gens ont dit que c'était bien.

    Je voudrais que le nouveau chiot (Jolee) mange aussi pressé à froid et l'ai commencé sur Lukulkus junior pressé à froid:
    meilleur taux

    La taille des pellets est super car les granulés Markus Muehle sont assez gros.

    Cependant, je pense que j'avais oublié que les chiots dogue n’ont pas besoin d’éprouver pour chiots / juniors et que beaucoup sont allergiques au poulet.

    Ses caca sont à moitié bien et à moitié pas. Parfois tout va bien, mais d'autres fois, elle a la diarrhée. Elle pète aussi mal !!

    J'ai vu que la nourriture de Millie - le Markus Muehle - est maintenant disponible en granulés plus petits, alors je pense passer à ceci.

    Je me demande si ceux d'entre vous qui sont des experts sur les ingrédients / la quantité de protéines qu'un chien devrait recevoir, etc.

    Un autre point - elle ne mange pas autant que le poids de la nourriture le plus bas recommandé pour son support. Elle est en bonne santé et peut-être un peu «arrondie». (elle a été vermifugée!) [/ QUOTE]

    Salut, dis-moi que je voudrais savoir comment peut-il être arrondi?
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