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Finding the Perfect (Giant) Tibetan


New Member
Hey all,

I was hoping for input on how to find a Tibetan like the one I'm looking for, if it's even possible in the USA. I've known about this breed for a while and am a former big dog owner. I was recently captivated by some images I saw of a Tibetan Mastiff in Asia that was around 300 pounds, perhaps the largest dog I've ever seen between its build and coat.

Is it possible to get a Tibetan puppy very likely to be 200+? I just want a real big boy and I'm wondering if finding a dog like this is a fantasy or actually doable. None of the breeders I've looked at online have any pictures of dogs that look similar to the one's I can find when I look around on google.

Thanks for any input!


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I'm not trying to be rude but what you are lo ok king for is a Chinese mixed breed that is being called a TM. I true TM is a guardian of livestock & people. They are athletic so that they can do their job. Those dogs don't have the stamina or athletic fitness to do much more that guard your sofa.