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Functional DDB pictures


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I got some photos of good DDBs that may have some drive in them unlike the modern show-bred ones. My friend either had or knew a guy who had a DDB x APBT cross and even the APBT couldn't save it, it didn't want to catch pigs at ALL. It did nothing, it was nothing. The DDB ancestors were fighting all sorts of animals up until the early 1900s, with a bulldog named Hercules dying in an epic drawn-out fight with a jaguar, this is the dad who had success: with beating up wolves and striped hyenas and bears and probably other weird random animals for shits and giggles.

These dogs are a far cry from that, and still have no business fighting a jaguar, but they're worth something and I'd be curious to see how they do in the field: 1662482243965.png1662482255304.png


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My lean trim and fit Dogue checking out a squirrel on the back wall.
Intact female raw fed fed and almost 4 years old.


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