German Rottweiler vs American Rottweiler

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    The Rottweiler is a dog considered dangerous, however, well trained they are good domestic dogs, stable, and very affectionate. People say there are more than one types of rottweiler what do you think? is it true?

    Today we will talk about the differences between the German Rottweiler and the American Rottweiler.

    German Rottweiler
    German Rottweiler dog.jpg

    The German Rottweiler Club is in charge of preserving the purity of the breed, with the parameters and tests that must be met in order to be able to reproduce them and give rise to new purebred German Rottweilers.
    In this sense, this club is very exclusive and with strict rules for the breeding and reproduction of Rottweilers, that is to say, that within the Germanic country, parents who have a family tree analyzed and studied in depth are allowed to mate, in order to that in such a way there can be no variations in the race that degrade its purity.

    According to these parameters and standards established by this association, the male Rottweiler, from the smallest to the largest, must have a size between 61 and 68 cm, in addition to an ideal weight of 50 kilograms; while, females must measure between 52 and 62 cm, with an absolute weight of 43 kilograms.

    Is there the American Rottweiler as a separate breed?

    Many breeders and experts have claimed that the American Rottweiler does not exist as any other breed apart from the German. Others assert that it is a breed with totally different and defined characteristics from the original Germanic. Therefore, there is a lot of controversy regarding this issue. But, some characteristics that differ between them are explained below.

    The main difference between the German and the American Rottweiler

    The German Rottweiler differs from the American one by having a long tail and a slightly shorter snout, a more robust body, coarse and compact, and a shorter stature.

    With regard to size, the American is superior to the German, because their size ranges between 68 and 69 centimeters in height, the same occurs with the approximate weight of an adult American, where it is known that they weigh up to 80 kilos. This if he is well fed and cared for without being overweight.

    Among other peculiarities, the American Rottweiler has been characterized by having a shorter cape and a longer muzzle, with a larger body and with greater strength, but retaining its style and elegance.

    However, the main and notorious difference between the German and American Rottweilers is their place of birth, as well as the breeding controls or lack thereof. Because North America does not have an exclusive Rottweiler club that is responsible for controlling the reproduction of this breed, even crossing with other breeds reducing its purity.

    An aspect such as the short tail is originally from the breeders who have decided to mutilate it without the consent of the club, which has generated its prohibition both in Germany and in other European countries because it is considered cruel and unnecessary that they should have their short tail.

    In general, the most differentiated thing is their size, which in some cases is twice the German standard, but the reason is that in North America the owners mate the puppies of the litter that are larger, therefore these "standard" measures are spread. which deviate from the basic parameters of the German club.

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