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Getting Along


New Member

I am so very interested in getting a Tibetan mastiff and have wanted one for a few years now, my question is how do TM's get along with cats and other dogs in general? In my house there are 4 cats all over 5 years old and a Shiba Inu that is also over 5 years old.I am just a little worried with how much bigger a TM is if everyone would be okay or if I should wait.

Bailey's Mom

Super Moderator
Super Moderator
Personally, I'd wait. It isn't that the TM as a pup wouldn't get along, it's how the others may affect his psychological growth. My Bailey had a bad experience with her first cat... Not good, she's scared and runs for protection. To paraphrase a famous saying, It's not how much fight there is in the dog, it's how much cat (x5) there is in the fight.

Having said this, I have a CC and TM temperment, I've heard, is much more given to leading rather than being led. It could be bad for the cats.


Well-Known Member
The answer depends on a number of variables. Will the TM have a strong or miles temperment? You won't know this until you get the dog and his real attitude may not show itself for months. Do you plan on kennel in one or both dogs? Do you have someone close by who can help show you how to keep your pets from fighting?

I have a TM, CO and a BB all intact males all over a year old and a year and a half apart in age. I do not kennel and they have the run of the house weather I'm there or not. It took work bringing my TM around to my way of thinking and to keep all of them from wanting to fight each other.

It is possible to do what your asking but you need be prepared for the task ahead and have a trainer who knows how to get the results you want.

The TM is not the type of dog to buy on a whim even with no other animals in the house.
To put a TM in the situation you have is to have dead cats and a dog fights a year or less after your purchase.