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He ended up neutered after all


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Kryten, just over 9 years old, finally got neutered. I haven't been very active on the forum lately but wanted to share for those that might remember the little monster. I had originally planned to neuter after he turned 2 years old but ended up deciding not to pit him through another surgery unless it was medically warranted. In the past year he has had possible prostate issues, blood from his sheath but blood work was all normal. 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with a perianal adenoma, a tumor around the anus. His was determined not to be fully operable as removal also carried a high risk of fecal incontinence post surgery. This type of tumor is typically found on intact males and is driven by testosterone so neutering is likely to shrink what wasn't removed.
Hopefully his third surgery is also his last.


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Ella had a perianal adenoma removed last April. It was an ugly, messy, and painful thing. I know he's had prostate issues and I'm hopeful that this should take care of that as time goes on. I hope his foot is still healed and healthy? Miss the pics of your guys and it's good to hear from you.