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Hello Everyone

So glad to be joining you all. I finally got the dog I have been wanting for the last 10 years, my first Cane Corso. His name is Bruce Wayne, he is awesome and I cant wait to see how he grows up! Glad to be joining you all!


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Welcome to the forum, good choice, im quite partial to a cc, i have 3. Would love to see pics of bruce wayne.


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Welcome from someone who is considering a Corso for our next dog.

Is your Corso named after the internet-famous one?
To BattleDax, yeah I cheated a little bit and named him after the famous internet Bruce Wayne. I wanted a name that I thought was cool and did not want to try and give him a name that sounded silly. I'll try and upload a picture of him, the picture is old though, I think in this picture he is only 16 weeks old. His sister, my boxer, Sabre Anne is with him.puppies.jpeg puppies.jpeg