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Recommended dry food for EM puppy

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  1. Hello we are new members hoping to get give feedback and get advice from experience EM owners. We recently welcomed a new EM female puppy Cookie, would love any feed back in kibble recommendation, toys and chewing habits thank look forward to this new journey

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  2. Michele

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  3. Kyle S

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Beautiful girl you got yourself there. Love the brindle colours.

    Although it’s not up on the list , and I’m not sure if you have access to it I would recommend Acana dog food.
    I feed my EM Acana Large breed Adult, that’s the only food he’s ever ate since he was a puppy.
    For the price of it and quality you get I believe it’s one of the best choices for our dogs although it can get costly I believe it’s a better choice than what you have up there and similar price. 37.5lbs bag is $92 CAD plus tax. Brings me to $104

    Perhaps a female won’t eat as much but ever since mine was 10 weeks old he’s been on 10 cups a day. Sometimes he eats 12.

    As for toys when he was smaller he really loved those rubber kongs yet he kinda grew out of it. Doesn’t play with his XXL one much now. He absolutely LOVES his 10” Jolly Ball. He rolls it around and plays soccer with it. He has a “toughy” stuffed animal that he also likes to carry around the house at times. It’s his little friend.

    For bones he has some Nylon bones. When he was smaller we just gave him Raw hide bones, but now we can’t because he drools so much, it makes the bone all wet and it actually just turned into one big soft wet dental floss.
    We went to a meat store and asked for bones, the butcher gave us the thickest cut bones he could cut. Bayne now chews that. He has chewed my kitchen table leg pretty bad, and even a part of my wall so make sure he has lots of toys or bones, (ones he likes) while you’re away.
  4. Loverboy Skyline

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    I cast my vote for Orijen (I think that's how it's spelled). Personally, I rotate between various flavors of Acana and Stella & Chewy's. Acana is basically a cheaper version of Orijen with a little less meat. I feed Acana Regionals which is 70 pct meat while Orijen is 85 pct meat. 70 pct is still about twice as much meat as you get with most kibble and the other ingredients are high quality too. I also feed Stella & Chewy's Raw Coated kibble. It's baked and coated with freeze-dried raw food. It's definitely my dog's favorite kibble, and I tried a lot. If you have a picky eater, the raw coated stuff is probably the most palatable kibble you can get.

    For chew toys I use rope toys for playing tug-of-war and fetch. It's durable and non-toxic. I also buy cow hooves for him to chew on so he can chew on those instead of the furniture. I buy them at a local pet store for only 99 cents each. They are cheap, non-toxic, and durable.
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  5. Zeela

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  6. Kyle S

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    Something to note is although I did cast my vote for Origen because as loverboy skyline pointed out it is the premium brand to the already premium food Acana. Cost could be a factor as well hence why I went with Acana.

    My EM eats 10 cups of Acana a day, sometimes 12. So I usually go through a 37.5LBS bag in 14 days or less. So he goes through just over two bags a month. Cost is around $95 Canadian plus tax. So roughly $200 or just over a month to feed him.
    If you go with Origin at least here, they only carry 25lbs bags for $95. Meaning you will need at least 3 bags a month bringing your cost up well over $300 a month to feed. If that’s something you can afford then that’s awesome. But it is something to note. Not everyone entirely knows the cost of feeding one of these monsters as a Great Dane is huge as well but can be comfortable eating only 4 cups a day, much more closer to an average dog.
  7. Loverboy Skyline

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    Something I wanted to mention as well is that Orijen does have 85 pct meat and that's a lot. Champion Pet Foods claims to have the best equipment in the industry and they have awards for innovation, and putting 85 pct meat into kibble is actually an engineering feat in and of itself. This is great for most dogs, but for some it's a detriment. I saw a video where they talked to a manager at Champion Pet Foods. He mentioned he has a dog with some digestion problems. This dog was accustomed to eating cheap kibble and had loose stools with Orijen because of the high meat content. He has to feed him Acana Heritage, which is their cheapest product with "only" 60 pct meat (still quite high compared to other brands).

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