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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Richie, Dec 8, 2020.

  1. Richie

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    My puppy Draco developed Hygromas on both of his elbows at around 5 months. He's about 6.5 months now and starting to show signs of experiencing pain from them. One is quite large (see the photo attached).The photo was taken about a month ago and it has grown since then. I took him to the vet and they really want to treat it vs surgery. Which, based on what I've read here is the right first step. I've upgraded his bed, but he would rather lay on the floor than his bed... we only have ceramic tile and hardwood floors neither are good for his condition.

    Does anyone have experience having a large one go away? Any recommendations on the best way to treat them? Is the support from DogLegg preferred over what I might find at Petco or PetSmart?

    Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks in advance

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  2. Boxergirl

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    I don't have experience with this, I'm sorry. I do know that DogLegg makes good products and I would go with them over anything I found at Petco or PetSmart. I hope someone else has personal experience for you.
  3. Richie

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    Thanks for the reply, I ordered from DogLegg and the product arrived today.

    Does anyone have history of the Hygroma actually going away? Draco is only 7 months old and I would hate for him to have to live with these the rest of his life.
    I'm already being careful of him running and jumping (even more the usual for dog his size already 100 LBs). I also reduce his obedience training, I don't give the down command as much as I do the other commands... can someone give me an indication of what's in store going forward?

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  4. marke

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    yes they can and do go away on their own , make sure he lays on padded surfaces .... we've had a few here , they were never painful ....... have they ever drained them ? if so i'd consider checking to be sure there is no infection ..... i believe that is why they don't like to drain them ..........
  5. Richie

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    Thanks for the reply and the encouragement.

    No, they have never been drained, as stated the biggest concern is infection... although I was tempted before reading that they will go away over time.

    His bed is padded but made of rough material (think of rough jean type material) I hope that's ok. and the pad inside his crate is also made of a rough outer material. As you can imagine he's destroyed a few beds already.

    Even in the winter, he lays on the floor (wood and ceramic) about 50% of the time. The good news is he doesn't just plop down on his elbows like he did before this started.

    I've been kind of slack making him wear his doggleggs while inside, but that will change starting today.

    I know all dogs, like people, heal differently, but out of curiosity how long did it take for them to heal a month, multiple months, 6 months...?

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