Is my pup a healthy weight?

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by BigKali, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. BigKali

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    My pup is a Mongrel with some large breed mastiff thrown in there. Her mother is supposedly a presa canario x am staff. I will include pictures. The father I’m not sure of. She is almost 7 months old, 22 inches and 25.5kg tall. Is her weight good for her height?

    Does she even look like she has any mastiff in her at all?

    The mother is the large brindle dog and the puppy in the picture with it is my pup’s littermate.

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  2. BattleDax

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    Hey there.

    The pic with the dog walking looks like some German Mastiff there (Great Dane).

    She actually does not look underweight to me. She has a nice waist and tuck-up of belly. I don't see any ribs really. Seeing the last two or so ribs usually indicates a good condition, though it seems a lot of Mastiff-breeds carry more fat and you can't see the ribs.
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  3. BigKali

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    It’s funny from certain angles she looks slimmer than she is.

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  4. BattleDax

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    Yeah, I get that. I'm actually a Doberman owner who is considering getting a Mastiff breed for my next. I'm used to slender dogs, but I don't like underweight or skinny looking. Your girl looks awesome to me! Good muscle, not fat, a nice waist, a nice tuck-up of belly. Note that some dogs show more ribs when they take in a good breath.

    One funny thing that I'm not sure how many people here will relate to: When my Dobes are eating, or even drinking, they for some reason suck in their waist so it looks pretty caved in.
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  5. Boxergirl

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    I've had boxers my entire adult life. Contrary to what people are used to seeing, a boxer should be a slender, athletic, and smoothly muscled dog. I'm like BattleDax and like to see a slender dog with a nice tuck and good muscle. I hear frequently that my dogs are too thin when they're actually just right. I think your girl looks great.
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  6. Courtney H

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    I think your dog looks healthy. Some dogs have a more athletic build and to some it looks like they’re under weight. Seeing that last rib is not abnormal at all in those athletic breeds. If you start to see the entire rib cage, then I would start to worry. Beautiful pup!
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  7. BigKali

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    Think she’s having another growth spurt. Last two weeks she’s put on another 2kg but I think she’s growing in height as well.
  8. BigKali

    BigKali Member

    Any idea how much taller and heavier a dog of this age will get? As an estimate of her adult size without knowing her full parentage?
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