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Kaylee's Growth Chart


Well-Known Member
I've seen several of these on the forum and thought I'd add one for my puppy, too.

05-27-14 - nine weeks - 15.6 lbs
Kaylee  - 05-27-14.jpg

06-02-14 - ten weeks - 16.0 lbs
Kaylee - 06-04-14.jpg

06-10-14 - eleven weeks - 20.8 lbs
Kaylee - 06-10-14.jpg

06-16-14 - twelve weeks - 24.2 lbs
Kaylee - 06-16-14.jpg

07-14-14 - sixteen weeks - 34.0 lbs
Kaylee - 07-14-14.jpg


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Neat! Your Apollo is a gorgeous dog. I've enjoyed looking at pictures of him and reading about your adventures with him for a while. I ran across your blog while researching the breed. :)


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Aww she is pretty.

Is she losing her puppy teeth yet? I scoured the floors/carpets & got a few of Tessa's baby teeth.

While it was so sad to lose the puppy breath-I don't miss those razor sharp puppy teeth in her mouth!


Well-Known Member
Thank you.

No, she doesn't seem to be losing her puppy teeth yet. I'll definitely be trying to collect a few of them as they drop, though.

While I'm not on the receiving end of the razor teeth so much, Patches will be glad when they are gone. She tends to get his ears and paws when they are roughhousing. (Not that he doesn't give as good as he gets, he's just missing that sharp edge.)


Well-Known Member

I stand corrected. Kaylee grabbed a wad of something outside a few minutes ago and as I took it out of her mouth, I double checked her teeth. Most of her itty bitty teeth are gone and I totally missed them coming out. I'll have to go over the floor later and see if I can find any of them.


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Ok, so I suck at updating this in a timely fashion, but here goes me playing catch up:

08-22-14 - FIVE MONTHS - 48.5 lbs
Kaylee - 08-20-2014.jpg

09-01-14 - 23 weeks - 51.9 lbs -- at the e-vet for UTI

Kaylee - 09-01-2014.jpg

09-15-14 - 25 weeks - 56.0 lbs
Kaylee - 09-15-2014.jpg


Well-Known Member
10-09-14 - 28 1/2 weeks - 61.5 lbs
Kaylee - 10-07-2014.jpg

10-12-14 - 29 weeks - 60.5lbs -- at the e-vet for Kidney Infection
Kaylee - 10-12-2014.jpg
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Sorry she had a kidney infection--but nice to see you posting again-don't be a stranger!!


Well-Known Member
I'll do my best. I read the forum regularly, I just don't always take the time to post while I'm here.

Kaylee is working on getting rid of her current infection.

She really scared me with how down she got over the weekend as well as not eating and then vomiting. E-vet Sunday, regular vet Monday, Tuesday, today and again this coming Monday. A couple of antibiotic shots, subcutaneous fluids, oral meds and a soupy turkey and rice diet and she seems to be flushing all the bad stuff out of her system.

She's back to bouncing off the walls and romping with the other dogs. I just hope she continues to improve and finally kicks all this infection stuff.


Well-Known Member
Well, I let the updates slide for a bit again. Lemme catch up. :)

10-23-14 - Seven months - 62.8lbs
20141023_155103 - cropped.jpg

10-30-14 * 31 weeks - 65.5lbs
20141103_075721 - cropped.jpg

11-06-14 * 32 weeks - 66.5lbs
20141106_101649 - cropped.jpg

12-03-14 * 36 weeks - 73.0lbs
20141204_143639 - cropped.jpg

01-23-15 - Ten months - 79.7lbs
20150126_081149 - cropped.jpg