Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Pastor Dave, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Chev looks.jpg Chev in grass.jpg Chev in Water.jpg view.jpg A few pics from our walk last leash along Elk Creek. The above picture is a view of our walking place. It has been hot here in NW Pennsylvania, and what a year for grass growing. I have to mow my yard, come to think of it. Have a great week, all.
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    Great pics, sure does look a beautiful walk, my boys would love the water, iv just come back from my walk, 3 dogs 3 grandkids, 4 miles round trip across fields, weve had rain storms so muddy puddles, dogs and children were all in them, and of course nanny was in the middle biggest kid of all.
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    Bailey just loves puddles and streams to go puddle jumping in. It is wonderful when they hold Bark in the Park and Pawlooza out at the Plunket Estate, many small connecting ponds with swift little riverlettes filling them and connecting streams that are just deep enough that my girl won't go under. The water is like a magnet and I get dragged (literally) to the waters edge and then it is splashing and dashing and chasing the 1000 balls that are floating just inches out of reach. And whining and whining when she sees the other more daring dogs fling themselves off the dock trying to do the longest jump for a prize. It truly is a magical place, spring fed, lush, full of dogs and interesting vendors with tasty treats. It is her heaven on earth...her happy thought, and no doubt when she is running and whining in her sleep she is there again having a blast.

    As for me jumping in...why bother. I get soaked just trying to keep her out of trouble. My sneakers squish when I walk, but when we leave she has had one of her best days. They really are just like kids going to the fair. Ah, a puddle, joy unspeakable! What amazes me is she likes puddles and streams, but hates baths! ;)
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    There's that handsome guy! He looks good and like he's having a great time. My boxer doesn't like water at all. Ella hasn't ever been by a bigger body of water, but she happily goes through deep puddles.
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    Thanks !!!

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