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  1. I have a fawn American bandogge. He will be a year in july. Was curious on when he could mate. Jumps everything in site it seems like. He will be getting fixed but not until after 2 years or so. Just a though. Thanks for the in put.

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    Male dogs are able to impregnate a female pretty early. I think it's generally assumed from about age six months on. Since you're planning to alter him (good call on waiting until 2) you need to make sure he won't have access to any females. Many males will do just about anything to get to a female in season.
  4. That’s no different than any male tho. Not just dogs. I’m considering studding him out once. Cuz I’d really love another puppy just like him.
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    Sure, but you asked about dogs. The thing is, you won't get another puppy just like him. You may get a dog that looks similar to him, but it won't be him. If you choose to do this, I sincerely hope you do the health testing (eyes, hips, heart, thyroid, etc. not just a vet check) as well as insist that whatever bitch you choose has the same. Please remember that our dogs don't mature until after 2 years and should not be bred before that.
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