Mastiff running on road need help

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Hillary, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. Hillary

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    I recently moved with my mastiff. We live on 3 acres in the country. Our road isn't super busy but we get some cars and walkers. My mastiff now is going on the road and wanting to chase cars at times or protect his property. He doesn't listen when called when he does that. Has anyone had luck with a shock collar or undergoing fence for a mastiff?? My mastiff is super sensitive and I don't how he would response to a shock collar or even find one big enough for his neck. Putting up a fence is not an option as it would be too expensive....if I got an underground fence it woud just be for the part along the road the rest of the property is covered by trees and farm fields. Does anyone have any suggestions??
  2. Oberin

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    Too bad you never got a good idea. The idea of a shock collar seems cruel to me, especially if you have a sensitive dog and have never known punishment. We had a similar problem with our Marquis, he was always running into the road, barking at passing cars. This happened even in the rain, so we often bought best smelling dog shampoos to wash him off. Dogs are passionate about protecting territory, so they ignore being called. The way we solved this problem was to stop letting the dog go outside without a person to keep him on a leash. We only let him run around in the backyard where it was safe
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    We have the stay & play from petsafe. You don’t need to use the shock setting.... I use the beeping only. It’s a good distraction. Most times I won’t allow my girl outside without supervision. When I’m not home I can’t say if my daughter or husband go out with Bella or not. That’s why the collar

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