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My cane corso puppy growth and breed problem


New Member
It was a home bred cane corso, told to me born on 3 oct 2022 , it's 5 dec 2022 , i bought her on 27 nov 2022, he was just 2 kg on 27 and the ears are short as well, I'm not sure that if the puppy is mix breed or the puppy is malnourished, it had many worms whic lh i dewormed on nov27 and untill dec 2 worms kept coming out in facesSnapchat-1683510313.jpgIMG-20221129-WA0029.jpg, I'm attaching pictures pls help me out on this. The mother and father video is also attached, i need help on what to feed , I'm not concerned if it's mix breed but i certainly want to know, i don't want to bloat him up with food, or starve him to malnutrition. Pls help

Edit 9 dec:- now after the dewormig at 2 months the puppy is gaining weight approximately 800gm per week,but I'm feeding him according to his body weight and not by proper monthly feeding for the cane dog feeding chart.

Please tell me if the dog is pure cane corso , or is there a problem with the nutrition,i need serious help for the puppy, I'm not sure I'm trying to take care of the dog i have committed to.


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Well-Known Member
Forgive me, but I had a hard time following how old you say the pup is. How old is it in the pics?

I'm no expert on the Corso, but I have been researching it for a handful of years now. I won't at this point give my opinion on whether it is a Corso or not because I don't feel qualified or informed enough. I will say the look to the head, eyes and ears is a bit different than I'm used to.