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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Luin, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. Luin

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    Hello, I have a 13 week old Neo Mastiff puppy which our vet has diagnosed with an overbite.
    We purchased him from registered breeder, vet cleared. I have phoned the breeders vet who told me that they did note an overbite on his file however this was not disclosed to us upon purchase. I am furious but can't do anything apart from returning him, which I definitely won't do.

    The breeders vet told me that its not a big issue and the Neo's jaw plates often grow at different rates and it should correct itself over time and that intervention can harm the adult teeth and natural plate growth.
    My vet however wants him to have surgery to remove his lower baby teeth to give his jaw more room to grow, then when his adult teeth are through, get them capped.

    The cost of treatment is not a factor in any decision, I just want to do whats best for him.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Should I be getting a third opinion?

    Thanks :) Pic cause he is so cute!
  2. marke

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    not being able to actually see the bite , i'd say get a second opinion ........I think your vet is over reacting , is he/she a orthodontist ? not knowing the situation except for what i'm reading , sounds nuts to me ……... at 13 weeks your pups bite will be drastically different in 3-4 months ….. removing his baby teeth , or any teeth for that matter will have nothing to do with how much "room" his jaw has to grow , it's gonna grow regardless of where the teeth end up ……… I've seen countless puppies overshot at 2-3 months end up level and undershot …… level at this age with my pups will most likely get you a pretty good undershot as an adult ……. cute pup , his bite outwardly looks fine ….
  3. Luin

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    Thank you for the reply Marke, The vet is not an orthodontist or very experienced in large breeds. I am currently looking for a large breed specialist to give advice (hard to find)
    This is the only pic I have of his mouth, I will try to get a better one when I get home.

  4. Zeela

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    My Zeela has an overbite, she is now 2 years old. NOT an issue at all!!! It does not affect her at all. It's only an issue if you want to have a show dog. I would never do any dental work to a dog unless it was absolutely necessary.
  5. Zeela

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    also, want an adorable puppy!!! enjoy him!

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