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Nervous peeing


My 6.5 month old Corso recently started cowering down and peeing when people approach him. I take him out all the time he goes in car rides with me. Any help with this is appreciated. I did read that some dogs go through this around this age.


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Yes it can be a fear stage, when people are approaching him talk to him, get his attention, ie sit and treat, and be aware not all dogs like to be touched by every stranger, socialising is a must, but he may not want to be touched by them,


Happens all the time w/ Corso's. It may even happen, at times, in your house if for whatever reason he thinks he's in trouble when you call for him. They are very sensitive dogs that go through pronounced fear stages at different time. Keep socializing like crazy through this period. DO NOT baby him when he gets like that. He'll naturally come out of it before too long. My older Corso was the biggest scaredy dog for the longest time...now he's the most balanced fearless dog I've ever been around.


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My boy used to do this as a puppy but only when he got really excited. He grew out of it