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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kyle S, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!
    Got Baynes nails cut today and got a weigh-in.

    He turns 8 months old next week,
    Currently he’s 175-180 (scale was bouncing) I’d say closer to 180.
    Currently 33 inches at the shoulder. Sitting down top of his head is 38 inches.

    I noticed last few weeks he’s calming down. Sleeping more. Being a lazy boy. Took him on a nice walk today in the city and people loved him. Called him a horse. No one could believe how young he was.
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  2. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Here’s a photo of him today :)

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  3. Dstack

    Dstack Well-Known Member

    Look at big boy Bayne! What a sweet face. It seems like just yesterday when he was just a a “little” pup! So happy he’s growing well and strong. Love seeing his pics and reading his updates.
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  4. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Thank you!

    He has the sweetest face. He is just the sweetest boy. He’s so calm and gentle. You can sort of bug him or just kiss his big face and he just stares at you. Leans in for another one hahaha.

    One thing I would like to ask is when did you guys notice your pup slowing down in food?
    I’m not sure if Bayne doesn’t like his food anymore or if it’s just cause he’s slowing down eating but before he would always finish 12 cups of food by the end of the day. Now within the last couple weeks it seems like he’s just lazy and he’ll eat between 7-10 cups. I give him all 12 still but often he won’t eat it. He eats a lot right before bed. Sometimes looks like he’s only ate 2 cups of food till right before bed then he eats half his bowl and gets him to 7 cups.

    Just wondering if he’s just slowing down growing and not needing as much food. Or if he’s bored of this food?
    It’s a chicken flavoured food. And he loved chicken though. If I pull out a chicken breast for him he gets super excited.
  5. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Here’s a nice photo of his side.
    Just turning 8 months 180 + lbs :)
    He’s such a loving boy. He loves to be hugged. Or scratched or petted.
    before bed he’ll go and put his head on my chest and lean it against my head and I rub his head for him before bed. Then he’ll go and bump me with his big nose as like a thank you.

    He moves slow, everything he does it’s like he’s in low gear, And he often stands in the way. Or lays in the way. But he’s amazing.
    I’m hoping he doesn’t get too much longer. I noticed yesterday he fills his whole bed out.
    He has a 40x60 Orthopaedic memory foam bed for his big bones but when he lays on his side his butt goes to one end and his nose sticks off the other just slightly. Wish I could’ve got him the 40x70 I wanted to but it was a $400 price difference for the extra 10 inches :(

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  6. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!

    Sorry it’s been a little bit. Seems like forever since I gave you an update on Bayne!
    He is still growing strong. He is now 10 months old and seems like he’s calming down a little. But he still has lots of playful puppy in him.

    9 months old he weighed in at 190-195 I believe it was. 10 months old now approximately 200-205. I’ll have him weighed fairly soon cause he needs his nails cut.

    I took him for a bike ride yesterday. Took me a little bit to get him to understand the bike , and being tied to it and where to be next to it. At first he was all over the place, but with some treats and guidance he quickly got it. I slowly went around the yard with success so I took him for a little ride.
    I kept the speed slow as I know these are no running dogs by any means. Hopefully my short ride with him won’t hurt him either. It was approximately 4-5km or 2.5-3 miles.
    I kept the speed slow , he was very good at staying right next to me and if he tried to pull, it would nudge my bike but with me on the bike he couldn’t pull it.
    He was at a slow trot for a pace. Would’ve been a slow jog pace for me.
    He did it incredibly.

    let me know what you guys think about biking (slowly) with a mastiff.
    He does get 2100mg of glucosamine a day along with 1100mg of chondroitin.
    He loves to go for walks , or jogs if I let him. He loves to sleep all day but if I hook the leash up to him and go on the road , it’s game time.

    I tried measuring him, I get conflicted reviews on “how to”
    I measure in line with his front paws as his shoulders would be there. From what I was told the dogs head should be up, as it rolls the shoulder up. That’s how they would present themselves in an “attention” stand.
    Others tell me it should be when his head is lower.

    Head down he is 32.5 then head up it turns into 35 and maybe 1/4.
    So take that for how it is lol. You can say he’s either 32 or 35.
    I don’t want to lie about 3 inches though then disappoint ;)

    He still is eating strong. 10 cups (4070cal) min a day but average is still 12 cups (4884cal) a day
    Then sometimes he’s really hungry I guess on a more active day and he eats 14 cups (5698cal) but that’s not often.
  7. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    These photos are in order from 9 months to 10 months at the end :)
    Hope you enjoyed!

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  8. Loverboy Skyline

    Loverboy Skyline Well-Known Member

    I did some biking with my American Bulldog several years ago. I used a side attachment and it worked ok as long as he actually tried to stay with me. It can't hold a strong dog at all, but if he's trained to stay alongside you it's fine. Ultimately, I stopped doing that and just did the walking with the weight pull harness and a tire. He burns more calories in less time and builds more muscle. Only problem was ignorant nosy neighbors calling the police because they thought it was cruel. If you live where it's less populated, it's something I would recommend.

    Right now my Bullmastiff gets his workout by running ahead of me and pulling hard on the leash while I struggle to keep up. Gives me exercise as well.
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  9. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    So do you think it would be too hard on Bayne to go for bike rides?
    Like I said I kept the speed low because I know these are by no means running dogs, and that’s not good for their joints.
    Bayne does love to run though, even around in the yard he will run around as long as you’re willing to play with him.
    But on our ride I kept him to a slow trot.

    That’s an interesting idea.
    You use a human weight vest on the dog? That doesn’t hurt their back?
    Where does the tire come in? LOL
    Sorry trying to picture it and I picture a dog with a weight vest and a tire around their neck and it’s quite the image.

    Oh Bayne pulls too.
    If it’s just us he’s okay. But if he sees another dog. Another person.
    Some horses. He pulls.

    At least with the biking I found if he went to pull it just was a nudge to my bike and didn’t throw me off balance and I suppose since we were going at faster than a walking pace right away he was like oh a dog! Oh shit were still going. Didn’t have time to stop and stare
  10. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Kyle, Marke is your guy. Hopefully he'll pop in and see this post. Maybe do a search on his postings. I know he's talked about this before.

    Your pictures made me smile. He's a gorgeous boy.
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  11. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Well-Known Member

    Hey Kyle,

    great update as always! Your Bayne always reminds me so much of our Bane. They could be brothers! Same expressions, same built etc. I too think that @marke would be the best to answer. I have never attempted bike rides with our EM. He could probably do it but I don‘t think he would enjoy it. Typically he‘s losing interest really quick, but that really depends on the individual dog I guess.
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  12. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    biggest dog i ever had was around 150-160 as an adult ..... at 9-10 months maybe 125-130 ...... i've trotted them without issue much younger than 10months , they were never allowed to run , they were taught to only trot , as adults they could trot at 10mph without a problem....... i think it depends what they're used to , how well does he handle being 195lbs , my dogs as pups are walking trotting 3-4 miles at 12 weeks ...... they were exercised from as soon as they were walking , they're strength was kept on pace with their weight ...... some dogs are allowed to grow faster in size than their strength increases .......... i've never had a dog that size at that age , but my dogs at 10 months i've never been concerned about them orthopedically at that point , other than letting them do obviously detrimental forms of exercise .........
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  13. Loverboy Skyline

    Loverboy Skyline Well-Known Member

    My BM is 130 pounds and in good shape. I let him run and he loves it, but your dog is bigger so I defer to other people's judgement on the running. As for weight pulling, that activity is low impact and low risk. One of the greatest weight pull dogs in history was an English Mastiff named Sly. The harness I used was a competition weight pull harness. If you look up IWPA you'll see the organization that sanctions weight pull competition and they have links for places to find harnesses. Start with something small and work your way up to an SUV tire that you can load with bricks if he's really strong.
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  14. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Thank you! That makes me really happy. I love sharing Bayne with ours in hopes they can get to enjoy him almost as much as I do. Even taking him purposely to crowed areas to socialize him , and so people can see him and get to enjoy it. I often stand with people to talk to them about what breed he is. Let them pet him and even had people take photos of him! :)

    Thank you I appreciate it!
    I love your Bane , when I first joined this forum I binge read all your updates of your Bane. Yours is gorgeous.
    I never ever thought of biking with an EM and quite frankly sounds like a stupid idea. But I see how Bayne loves to trot around our property so I thought I’d give it a try.
    Bayne sleeps a ton. But given the opportunity he’s always down to go out with me for a car ride or walk. :)
    Unless it’s before bed and I’m trying to get him to go outside to the bathroom ..... he just lays there and stares at me and won’t move. Lol.
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  15. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    Thank you for chiming in!
    Bayne is what I would think to be an active ish EM. He can handle up 2-3 mile walks with ease. He loves walking up and down culverts through the ditches. He enjoys being “off road”. Hiking is right up his ally. He handles obstacles easily and even can navigate rocky terrain well.
    I never let him run because of his joints. But he loves to trot and sometimes run (for a couple seconds) in the yard. Which gave me the idea to bike him. I made sure to keep it slow. Anytime he got too excited and started to pull me faster I would slow him down. He would stay very nicely at my side while I biked at approximately 5mph (slow jog?) he was only trotting and looked to be comfortable and not struggling at all.
    we only went 3miles as our test run. He seemed very happy although he was huffing decent after. I gave him water and he didn’t drink right away. Drank some then had a nap haha

    For how well does he handle his weight, he doesn’t even know he’s 200+ lbs.
    fairly agile when playing and can play for a while without getting tired . Gets up quick when alerted. He’s incredibly strong.
  16. Kyle S

    Kyle S Well-Known Member

    I love myself a good muscular BM! I grew up with Boxers and the BM to me looks like a bulked up boxer. They are impressive looking!

    I thought about getting him a little sleigh to pull out for ice fishing! Could get him a little trailer to pull around the yard for a workout
  17. Loverboy Skyline

    Loverboy Skyline Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you have an athletic Mastiff who could be a good weight puller. Dragging a sled behind a well padded weight pull harness would be perfect. Keep it fun. Act like it's fun for you too, stay excited, and reward with really good treats. You can try a light weight for about a mile for conditioning with the occasional heavy pull for about 20 ft. Keep his head down for good form. I slapped my hand on the ground to keep my dog focused on it. It's a great way to keep him in shape and reduce the time required for it.

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